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  • www.recolor.me

    You do have to make an account.
    You do not have to actually buy the items. There's a button on the bottom of the avatar maker that says 'What if I had all the items?' you click that, and you can use all the items. You do have to make a base avatar first.
    Old one :P

    I liked the new one too though. It was funny.

    lol, buttercup's theme makes me think of korrina for sure;

    xDDDD so would be her favorite one

    I'm like bubbles myself though i'm rather delicate and feminine :3 so different...xDDDDD
    Thats awesome :) You should be a comidian^^ if you feel too shy to be one thats fine too though. I still think you're awesome!

    Its a little scary to listen to the ppg the night before valentines day, i'll admit....xD hahaha
    Halloween is my least favorite, i don't like the scariness, or my allergy to the junk food, but i like your reason for liking it :) Making people laugh is nice for sure^^
    I see...

    I actually hurt a little over valentines day's unpopularity now, but i try to stay calm over it.

    Plus at least people tend to like christmas. Thats about love too :) Maybe even more so overall, its just i wonder....if people like christmas for more selfish reasons a lot o_O;; at least kids, anyways.
    He wasn't bad all the time :p But i think he was more of a villain overall during season 1.

    I see....

    Umn....whats some of the cutest pokemon to you? :)
    Animals are cool :3 I was a serious cat person as a kid; it made me like digimon more than pokemon, too, since i didn't like that pokemon had an evil cat in it xD
    Hey :3 I thought of what to ask you.

    What types of flowers and animals do you like?


    Flowers-I don't really know at the moment xD....Red roses? :p cuz i'd love to give some to korrina...haha.....

    Animals-DOGS! :D I have a dog xD And Lucario's also a dog too. And he's Korrina's pokemon. YAY FOR DOGS! :D
    Interesting. Not sure what a tulpa is.

    Its funny, but i'm sure the friend you reminded me of didn't like trixie at all xD Doesn't seem like someone she'd like to me....i sort of had an idea what characters she'd like/wouldn't like after awhile.

    She tended not to like blondes in fiction too but i think korrina's one she wouldn't of minded too much. Korrina's so cute :3

    And thats nice.

    I duno what to talk about now o.o
    I do question if anyone loves anything as much as i love korrina, though xD; I'm....pretty intensely into her. And think of her constantly lol

    I want to talk to you again sometime for sure :3
    Yeah, she was cool :3 she's helped me with my autism at times, i think.

    I may have to logout now. My mom might need the computer.

    I look forward to talking to you again. You're quite interesting!
    I knew i did good making friends with you^^ And my thoughts on you on this were also right: You DO remind me of an older online friend of mine...(her name was alex. she was also mildly autistic and sort of had a mind simular to yours. she was a really good friend to me for years^^ we're no longer in touch now that skype no longer works for me....i miss talking to her. she was cool :3)

    You and her i think you two would get along well if you met her :)

    Hehe, neat you think korrina's a cutie too! I have my....desires with that one. Might as well not deney it :p

    Yeah, i hope korrina gets a cameo return for later on in sun and moon. Somehow i feel they're too far in the series now for it to happen, though....

    Sometimes i think they 'gave up on her' to make her seem more mysterious o.o;;;

    Girls often like mysterious characters. It makes sense she'd have a female crushing big time over her over time.... :p that female being me haha
    Alright. I am a little concerned we may clash, i'm pretty against stuff like wars, but your fondness twards of mlp character is nice to me^^ I like pinkie pie. My favorite color is pink.

    I also have a crush on korrina. i've mentioned it to most people here and so far no one is bothered by it. Its really a blessing to me. Korrina is the one thing that helps my autism now and i can't settle as 'just a fan' over her; she stands out to me more as a crush :) And i think having romantic fanatasies of her have made me very happy overall, too....i don't want to let go of those feelings, even if i may know some people irl who may be making them more challenging for me now. Not online, but irl. I'm trying to be subtile and careful over her around said people, but the feelings i have for her really do help me, so letting go of her would be so harsh for me....

    I have autism. Do you have autism too? I'm making new friends really to find more people like me right now.

    I'm even thinking of joining an autism forum sometime soon. Likely, my profile will be korrina themed. Hopefully i'll smile at any avatar i use of her too^^ especially if its very happy and affectionate looking...aww....

    She's like an angel to me. If i didn't have her last year i think i would of broke down over time. :<

    This image is so pretty and cute^^

    Do you have a crush on trixie too? i'm curious.
    I read more of your profile....yeah.....i'm not fond of wars in history personally.

    Still, i like meeting mlp fans. I really do. 'Girly' things like mlp mean a lot to me...
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