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    Ok you may not see this yet(?) but still
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    Hey there! I did see this after a fashion! :) Yeah, I'm still here and there! Nice to see you're still about too, Charred!
    I'm glad to see you! Yeah! I've been hanging around here for the past year or two...mostly to talk to new friends. But I have been steadily posting a fic of mine.
    Ah, yeah, college is rough like that. You've been gone for a while now, so I'm guessing you're nearly done at this point? What are you studying?

    I'm done with my own schooling and enjoying some vacation, so yeah, I'm doing pretty well. :p
    And we're glad to have you back, haha. I hope life treated you well during your absence.
    You're welcome! And no rush, haha. Tense errors are the worst. I've been having a lot of trouble staying in the past, too, since so much of what I've been writing recently is present-tense.
    Good to hear. I’m looking forward to seeing it. Me, I’ve stopped Convergence for good and started a new project called Ionization, which is shaping up to be way more interesting.
    Coincidentally, same here. I’m doing a Master’s program, and it starts up again in a couple of days, which just destroys my free time, but I’ve still written more in the last year than any other year on the forum.

    Made any progress on any writing stuff?
    Hey, Knighty, it's been a while! Saw your post on the Resolutions thread, and I wanted to reach out and say hi again. How've you been?
    I didn't get to see it, I had to work through it. As for other games I'm looking at, Monster Hunter stories, divinity 2, and surprisingly, Rabbids Battle Kingdom.
    Yeah, it's been awhile, and thanks for the wishes. I'm surprised I didn't visit the page here on my birthday to respond to this.

    And yeah, work and waiting with no time for yourself seems to be the way of things lately. Anyway, anything cool happening with you lately? For myself, a few games come out that I am interested in, and Etrian Odyssey 5 comes out october 15th.
    8D 8D 8D Awww yeah, more excuses to do Discord! It is over here~!

    Also ... wow, you start spring semester early. o_O Either that, or schools in Massachusetts are weird. Idk.
    Haaaaay~ You should join the Serebii Discord for a quasi-return of the WoJ. 8D Just sayin'.

    (Also, hi, how are you? XD)
    Long time no speak! And it's going as well as can be expected for having to work on it. Looking forward to tonight though, that's when the fun starts.
    Yeah, that would do it. I'll definitely be on the one this Saturday, but after that, it'll be difficult, seeing as I'm gonna be 8 hours ahead of everyone (being in Greece for 4 months does that to you). I'll try to make it to later ones, but no guarantees.
    The actual ost one is...definitely something. That cover, though, is not only hilarious, but also rather awesome.

    Also, on a different note, is there gonna be a hangout this week?
    I didn't see this until recently, but I see you're rebooting Overthrown. I wish you the best of luck, Knightfall! And remember, I'm always available to help with thoughts or editing and the like! Just not as instant like before due to college and more classes than last semester.
    Huh. I can understand why you would want to. I just hope it goes well for you 'cause I've only heard of the cons of a reboot (namely, doing something all over again for the readers who've read it). Either way, I can't wait to see it.
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