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  • Hey-o. Checking up on some folks from the old friends' list who are doing things for NaNo. Remind me, you've been using yours to toy around with some brainstorming and concept work, right? How's that been going?
    I had just assumed that it was because I hadn't gone to them for a while. Though if you could fix that, I'd appreciate it.
    Nah, I didn't see it as stalkerish, just friendly, but of course I was never here to see it :p I probably have a lot to catch up on with your story if I plan on staying here much longer XP

    But isn't it weird to look back at something you did or said three years ago? It's like we were different people then.
    Hey, how the hell are you man? I just checked this forum for the first time in 3 years and cringed a little at some of my posts. I still remember your story though :3
    Alright, I figured, since just about everyone's in college now. I was just wondering, since I don't remember it ever being this quiet before, lol.
    Heh. I'm still practicing though. XP I can really only make simple sentences.

    Okay. :D Uh... Where is he usually more active in? I imagine Google accounts, but I can't really do that for personal reasons.
    :3 I've been practicing Cebuano casually lately. I feel nice whenever I get it right.

    Salamat! :3 (Meaning, thank you) Wha...? Pokenutter reads TV Tropes? XD
    Yay! :D Way sapayan, literally meaning no problem, but it's like saying you're welcome. :3

    That's nice to hear! :3 I've been fine too. Started reading stuff on TV Tropes, and now I understand why so many people say "TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Life". XP (It enhanced it in my case, actually. XD) Mostly focusing on a Digimon RP I'm in.
    Gosh, it your birthday today or was it tomorrow? Dang, I forgot! DX Either way, happy birthday! Belated, early, or not. XD But wow, I didn't know you were readying for college. No wonder you haven't posted much. How've you been?
    Pshh, patriotism is for suckers xD And thems fighting words! I challenge you to a war, and you better show up this time! :D
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