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  • Oh, it looks like our schedules are in sync now. I'm shifting to an international school so that'll be my schedule for the next two years.
    I heard you've graduated? I'm not really sure how the schedule is in America so I have no idea, but I saw Azurus' VM down below and figured I'd drop a congratulatory message off anyway. So here it is, congratulations!
    Heh, well it would be nice to see you around though, I take it you're busy?
    Grats on the graduation, if I haven't said so already. I was meaning to at the last hangout, but you never showed.
    Thanks a ton man, I will fire up skype in a bit, actually now that I think about it I need to re-download it... whatever though, thanks a ton!
    But what then happens when I catch up to the final chapter? What will my sanity devolve into? Will I lust for more satisfaction for this SR addiction and create a time paradox to read more? Or will I forget all that I have read to cure myself, not knowing of those that watch me in the night question my insane actions? Or will I be plagued further by Vulpi's suggestions, reading more of Scythe's works, unable to escape this enjoyable prison that has locked me for eternity? You have accepted your fate, but I have yet to satisfy my own destiny. I must read more. It calls for me. I shall obey. I obey the order of the call...
    VM stalked what you said to shadow and found the IWL. Used a post input in an RP (forum-based) and it said I write like Margaret Atwood. You know who that is? Because I don't.
    Oh, it's a feature that's supported by PunBB. Unsure if it was added at some point in the past, but it exists now. The format is
    Funnily enough, I was in the middle of leaving some incredibly belated commentary on Overthrown when I noticed this. Though glad to hear that you enjoyed the prologue.
    Knighty, just a question: where is your secret base, and what kind of trainer are you?

    I'm a lady and my base is on 117 near the Daycare.
    Yeah, but I was scared to send out Isaac, actually. And Torry and Orlando (because I thought she was packing dark pulse).

    And oh. I see. I didn't know you had your proper team; had I known, I'd have used the team I had.
    OMG, I'm really sorry, but apparently, it has an HM move. ****. I'll just fly over to the Move Deleter so that I can fix that.
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