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  • Ah, that makes sense. I take it you're coming to the hangout tonight, then?

    Oh, also, would you be interested in seeing my newest drawing? I'm really proud about how it came out.
    That's the plan. Probability has to take over sometime. Thanks for listening.

    Well, that's good. Since you can adjust to college life in the meantime.
    Well, forgive me. I think I made that sound worse than what it was. I was trying to buy a house, but every way I went to procure funds ended ended in failure, including two fail-safes I had lined up if I actually needed money. My taxes backfired and demanded cash (last year I received money) and I found out the M1 Garand I have isn't actually a collectors' gun, dropping the paid value of $1333 to $400. This is why it helps to just have savings.

    Excellent! Fingers crossed!
    Not dead yet, and trying to keep it that way in light of constant financial disappointments, but that's life. What about you? School going well?
    I know we don't talk much, and I'm not expecting a solid convo out of this, but I think you could appreciate it.
    Just thought I'd say that I won't be at the hangouts this week. My internet's down and I have some plans. Hope you guys have fun, though!
    As is with you, Knightfall! :3

    Well, on the bright side, it could be a lot busier. ^ ^" My cousins are immigrating over to Canada (currently in Turkey), so helping them adjust and figuring out schooling is going to be added on my workload, especially since there's no ESL program in my high school for the two older ones. (Which, frankly, I find is sort of stupid, considering that it's the only public highschool in our area, and that the closest school with an ESL program is quite far. Youngest cousin should be okay, though).

    I'm glad to hear your still working on your own collabs! I've yet to read TtA, but it's in my schedule, after I catch up with PMD: Overthrown. As for myself, we're almost done the first draft of the chapter. Very rough, but still. Progress is progress.

    Also, last year of high school, huh? Well, I hope you make it into whatever college you're seeking. Wish you extra luck on your exams! Hopefully you won't be needing it, but I'm wishing for you, just in case. XD

    (Also, this is somewhat off-topic, but you wanted to get into environmental engineering, is that correct?)
    Well, I more meant if I could help in any way, like being a beta reader or something. Anything besides beta reading sounds silly, though. This entire message is silly.
    I don't know why I hadn't decided to read your stuff more often earlier. Just finished O:SV chapter two. Great stuff, man.

    Also, do you mind me asking what your inspiration was? I'm curious about that.
    If you need any help writing, I'll give some to you. I don't want to see you struggle to write something so great.

    Guess who's risen from their metaphorical grave? *shot*

    Anyways, just wanted to drop by and say hi. Going to be sorta busy with exams rolling around, working on Grift of a Tale, and a sudden change of plan with the PMD story, but yeah, I'm glad to be back. ^ w ^
    Also, if you're wondering about the change of plan with the PMD story...It's going to be postponed due to a sudden request for a collab with an old friend of mine, to re-work (more like almost rewrite from scratch) her own old PMD story, but yeah, maybe you'll be seeing that sometime soon in the future? We've already gotten the planning out of the way, so we're working on the first chapter right now. Going a bit slowly because of exams, but I think it's safe to say we'll be seeing it sometime in mid February.

    Anyways, enough about me. How's things been on your end? Not too busy, I hope?
    Hey Kinght, just thought I'd ask which story of yours you think I'd enjoy the most. Hope you don't mind.
    Hey Knighty! :D How've you been? New Year treating you good?

    I seroiusly wanna say this: do you remember when I asked you for help on another story? And mistakingly asked you on mental conditions? XD I've finally put up Lost! Where I'm gonna be more serious in it. From the things happening in the chapters, the grammar, everything. Except quick posting. XP
    Hey, man. It's been a while. I'm finally back to writing stuff. I've heard a bit about a google+ thing that you and a few others do, and I'd like to join you. Any info you can give me?
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