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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_-CMt07ajM
    I would like you to hear/see this (as well as everyone else I know that knows Mystery Dungeon, really).

    Also, soon I'll post a giant comment in PMD:O's thread, with a list of bug spelling fixes and my thoughts about some important parts. Really it turned into a long stream of throught when the errors suddenly dried up, though. I don't think it's a review, but it has some elements of a review. It contains a lot of stuff that I want to say. I dunno if I know how to review or trust myself with that power.

    It should be done tomorrow, though I'll be gone for half the day so it might have to wait until the evening. (Also, it's amassed almost 500 lines so far, though half of those are blank.)

    Also, look at these mushrooms I drew: They'll be forever incomplete unless I put a lot of work into detailing their colony and home.
    Why did I show you the mushrooms? Well, it's significant to me that I can actually draw. I want people to see my mushrooms.
    I'm reading the rest of PMD:O that I didn't finish...man, Chapter 15 and the rest of its arc were heavy. I thought it was heavy before, but this one was like moving through lava, assuming the heat doesn't bother you. Can we have a light chapter of rest and travel? I mean, they should only be able to take so much abuse, right?

    By the way, I saw what Bru said to you about the rewards. Congrats on being one of the main contenders for it, man! You deserve it.
    Yeah, but there's, like, 8 eligible authors, so its fine. And you and me both, friend. I did write 3 more pages on Ch3 of TTL yesterday though. Im challenging myself to write 1000 words everyday this year.
    Heh, so I was curious and went a counted all the eligible fics for the PMD category for 2014, and I had a good laugh. There's about 11 fics eligible. It seems like a lot, which is great, but then I thought... Wait a minute...
    Through the Thunder and the Lightning
    A Vulpix Tail
    PMD: Overthrown
    Transcending the Abyss
    Operation: Saltus Valley

    Between the two of us, we own a little less than half of all eligible PMD fics for 2014, lol.
    True, we did get to share some fun experiences that year, though I know it was more bad than good most people here.
    I am here for ya man, if you need to talk to someone about something, I'll lend an ear, be it story ideas or personal problems, that's what friends are for.
    Hey knightfall, busy year for you wasn't it? I imagine it will continue to be for some time. Shame we never got around to EO3, but we can always try again, right? Anyways, happy new year man, and may you be refilled with writing vigor.
    Eh, it happens.

    Nah, I told myself years ago that if I ever got a shiny female Pachirisu, I'd name her Electria. I dont know why, but I did. So that's her name.

    Well, like, Meeker read it, and said it was good. Even he's ranting to me on steam about how much these commenters don't really understand depression. I guess he would know.
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