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  • Raiss reads the bounty board for a possible target, when she notices that there is one for her capture. "Hmm, a hefty reward for one such as myself, however they will soon realize that it is not worth their lives when they fail. This should prove to be most entertaining."

    Kingdom should work, since there are bounty boards and couriers with bounties to place if the criminal gets out of hand, so the fact that he is reading this notice should be a good indication of the threat Raiss causes, but it's so far away that pokemon just read it and fear rather than actually trying to stop them. (That's what I think anyway) Let me know if you want your character to visit this area, it should inspire me to come up with the surrounding area.

    No idea who the ruler/s would be, Nidoking/Nidoqueen? Eh, I'll burn that bridge when I come to it.

    Also, even tho Raiss is wanted, she can have Lunus finish the bounty quests or the regular ones for her so she can still get the rewards, she will claim that doing them herself would draw unwanted attention due to a "misunderstanding" she had with the authorities and it's best if she takes care of the work but he claims the reward. This can also lead to the setups she causes.

    Good luck with rest of your exams.
    That's perfectly fine. Plus I do enjoy your feedback. It really pushes the artists to continue with what they're doing. :) Thanks!
    Well, I decided that the name with be Raiss but if you make any details on the crime make sure to include mention of a possible accomplice/hostage depending on how you word the notice board
    (how does this work exactly? she won't exactly break in and cause a disturbance or leave a body in a closet so I'm not sure if there can be a reference to a scene of a crime)

    Ah, well hopefully you will get through your exams OK, I find they are a lot easier than all the other stuff leading up to it and you just happen to know all the criteria required for your exams (I never studied at all and got a higher mark on my exam than my overall performance on everything else) so you shouldn't have problems with them.

    When you say "you ALWAYS click preview post" do you mean you should always click preview post or that you somehow found out I do that? I don't by the way unless I get an error message saying my post is missing a key element, but I usually go advanced if that happens.
    Aw crap, I responded to your VM on my board and I can't copy and paste on a 3DS, so check out my reply there. Also I can't delete it untill I get home.
    Good to know that I can feel free to share ideas with you, I'll keep you updated with my current progress so that way we can both look forward to something, you get to read and I get to read your response in how I can improve or bask in the glory hearing that it was flawless. (Unlikely at first but I imagine it would get better, besides I love comments )

    Also, not sure if you noticed, but Cutlerine updated today with a long post in addition to saying shes striving to get 10 chapters out by end of the month. For some reason it didn't show up in my subscriptions notifications, good thing I check manually every day, oh and I also posted there too (for longest time it almost felt like desecration for a newbie forumer like myself to post in someone like cutlerine's work) so YAY hooray for confidence.
    I knew about those name generators, but I completely forgot about them, so thanks for reminding me.

    Man... I really feel like writing down my ideas but for some reason paper won't do, kinda want to post them somewhere only I can read, preferably on this site, do you know of anything like that?

    Why do I feel like that one annoying guy who never shuts up when given the chance to speak? Oh well, it's just this whole idea of ME actually doing something interesting that might catch the attention of others has me excited, the closest thing I've done like this is making my LPs but my voice sucks on those (I sound 10 years younger than I actually am)

    I would talk to others about this fanfic idea I have but I don't feel comfortable about it, -too many prying eyes and judgement that isn't there.-

    Well... thanks for reading this and listening to an aspiring authors worries.
    Oh.. well then. I kind of figured that would be the case when I said that they could be related.

    The title is a work in progress, I have yet to develop much if any plot points, only the general mood of the story.Lunus is just a name I might work with but it was what I intended in that signature there tho, it's generally a name I like to give to my Absol or Umbreon, the name of the Ninetales is just a place holder, I was thinking of making it a male or female character with names like these.
    Male: Pyras, Vulcanis,
    Female:pyra, Rayne, Raiss,
    I'd add more but I literally stood here in front of the screen for 3 minutes and I barely thought of Vulcanis, coming up with names is difficult and I really try to refrain from using names that sound too human, like george, david, sarah, you know, things like that. They have to stand out for me, hopefully that doesn't limit my options to much.
    I might change my signature around or add more lines, it will keep my ideas fresh in my head and let people know I'm working on something supposedly awesome.
    I recently read your scenes on post a scene and it sounds like it could possibly entwine with your current fic, have a mysterious gate appear drawing in pokemon and bringing them over to the human world but having having their minds become more feral than rational upon going to the other side.

    Just an idea but I don't think it was what you had in mind at all.

    Also I changed my signature, maybe check it out. I find once I establish names, things become easier to write around.
    Ah, the krokorok was just an "instead of" kind of thing, not an "in addition to" thing, but that does give me more ideas.

    Authors café eh? I'll have to check it out.

    10 pages? and only half? my goodness, I hope that will eat a lot of my time, I like to be absorbed into the story so long is good (chunky tho, not so much) however my 3DS is perfect for reading because it feels more like a book.

    Ah, well the voices I have for everyone are different, which is wierd, but oh well, head canon is different for everyone.

    Do you think it's better to describe an assault or just say the moves name and describe its effects. EX: Their eyes glowed in an enigmatic pattern causing the unfortunate opponent who witnessed it to become confused. Or: They used ember calling six small flames into being floating in a ring like pattern to dart towards the opponent causing them to burst into flames (lucky 10% chamce of burn).
    I may need to work on the descriptions (I'll try to avoid brackets) but it boils down to.
    Name attack, describe attack or just describe attack?
    Ah... not what I was going for, but I guess that would be an interesting take, it just doesn't sound like something Ninetales would do regardless of alignment. Krokorok on the other hand...

    For some reason, I cannot get any inspiration to put ideas on paper, I have to talk to someone about them (seems more alive that way)

    I hope you can get past that temporary writers block, I really am anticipating your next piece. (it better be long! XD)

    Someone else needs to post on your VM page, it's just a wall of long winded Absols on here.

    P.S.: Kinda feels like I'm talking to an honorable, cool, intelligent charmeleon. (In my head anyway) Do you feel that way or is it just me, talking to people and reading their responses through voices generated in your head by looking at their avatars?
    (I responded about 4 hours ago but maybe it didn't post) Yep that makes more sense now. Ya know, bouncing ideas off you really does build up inspiration and creativity. I'm actually going to have to write down plot ideas and events, make up character backgrounds and allow for some flexibility in my tale. (I could grow weary of the story if I feel restrained in my options)

    Maybe we could brainstorm ideas if you are interested, and if possible do cameos in other stories, (if I generate this fast enough) and I just thought of something, what if all this wealth that ninetales is generating is going towards recruiting others to cause plight or to lure pokemon into dungeons to be defeated and be forced to be rescued by ninetales (for a reward) only to do it again and again, maybe they like battling or testing the limits of the pokemon communities wealth, who knows? I can't think of a proper background yet, but these are just a few ideas.

    P.S.: It'd be funny if someone saw your post on my page then looked for the fic that didn't exist...yet.
    Ah, good to know it's feasable. I might actually consider writing it at some point but knowing me I'll forget all about it in a week or so. Tho if it does happen I hope it will be worthy enough to warrant a comment by passerbys.

    I have not played Half-life or Portal but I've seen snippets here and there, now you have me interested in how it applies, but if it's a spoiler don't respond with answers.
    I do know most that, but the part about writing something and not care what people think at first does intrigue me, for some reason I seek approval for my work from others but see myself as not needing it and it bothers me because I know it shouldn't matter.

    Side note, how does a ninetales who does job requests at the guild/notice board just for the rewards but isnt affiliated with the guild/town (kinda like a bounty hunter) to undertake a quest which saves an evee. It goes on, with the evee appreciating the rescue and joining said ninetales, but as time goes on they realize they aren't exactly doing these quests in the most benevolant way (trapping all opponents with imprison and using fire spin regardless of threat) but still tags along. The evee evolves later through some event (haven't decided yet) to either become an umbreon and actually help ninetales in their quests for personal gain (often making reasons to have the requests posted) or becoming an espeon to try to change their mind (unlikely) or stop them entirely with the help of the guild/town.

    Basically, Ninetales profitable requests in the most brutal way possible or barring profitable ones, makes a situation for those requests, but during one of the requests impresses an evee who later decides to stop them or join them.

    Phew that was long winded but it came to mind when I was playing explorers of sky when accepting lots of the same quest or just making them through the wondermail generator.
    I don't write persay, I do enjoy making up ideas for games tho and give it a basic story. I just enjoy a good story and if I find something lacking I just let people know.

    I have however entertained the idea of writing something pokemon related, but the prospect of putting it on paper has me feeling overwhelmed.
    thing* I hate how edit doesn't work on my 3DS for VM's but it does work for posts.
    Another thinb I noticed, you always seem to be doing something here, everytime I check it says latest activity was no more than an hour from the time witnessed.

    Not saying anything by it, just wondering if you found some written gems youd like to share that aren't in your signature.
    I noticed you had put a quote of what I said in your signature, hopefully you just like quote and aren't keeping the idea around to kill someone off in your story D:

    Tho if through posting on others fan fics they notice and practice that quote, that would be awesome.
    Well, that plan of mine changes ever so slightly with every new chapter. I will say this- my plot-generating idea shifted the theme of the story from love to life. Looking back on some of my earlier story ideas is actually kind of funny.
    Well, to be honest, the idea was thought up off the top of my head to justify a scenario that I wanted to include, but may not appear in the final product. Only thing is, the idea is so important to the story, removing it now would invalidate a lot of the foreshadowing I've done. Good thing it's a fun concept to work with.
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