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  • Well, there was the one idea that blossomed into MD Journal's plot. Sadly, I can't say much about that yet. However, I managed to get five arcs planned based around this one idea.
    An entire month? I've done worse. Pages have been delayed by at least 3 months before... I'm really bad at doing things hahah. Well, I hope all goes well for you~ Keep up the work. :)
    Thank you so much~ It is an on going comic, it's just been a bit busy and it's difficult to finish every page. Heh. Do you ever feel the same about your stories? Thanks again.
    At least ideas that rot in your brain can transform into something wonderful. :p

    You hit the nail pretty accurately on the head there with the general plot. I would love to describe it in full detail, but it's so complex that it wouldn't fit into a VM.

    It could be a long time before it eventually comes along, and even then the length would cause slow updates. Hopefully you'll still be around.
    Yeah. If I could just figure out the best way and then stick with it... That's the problem with having cool concepts rotting in your brain even when they're written down. There are so many occurrences of "the next big thing."

    My idea for this summer went from a fast-paced journey fic through Johto and Sinnoh to a simple trainer fic revolving around Team Galactic. Then there's the magnum opus, which went from a ridiculous, clichéd PMD story having little difference in plot from the games to an alternate future where temporal collapse happens in an even more epic fashion to my current idea of a darkfic with a human in human form (thus automatically weaker compared to most Pokémon) that faces off against a completely profound world, the majority of its inhabitants that want him destroyed, and an incomprehensible end of everything. Then I'm thinking about the prequel and sequel to Fatefully Incorrect being an "extra" of this story.

    Etcetera, etcetera.
    Congrats. Ah, it's nice not to feel noobish anymore...

    Hm. At first, I thought I had a clear idea of my fan fiction career in my head, but changes seem to be taking place. *struggles to keep up with mental rearrangements*
    Thanks man. Hoping I can do well in that contest. And if they don't post the one-shot, then I will.
    At this point, no. I had massive amounts of computer problems and lost all my work on it. That's why I haven't continued it, but I might sometime in the future. That, in addition to loads of schoolwork has kept me on hiatus from fan fic writing for a while. However, I am entering the contest coming up to make my "glorious return," haha. So if they post those one-shots, look out for mine, I guess.
    Another Florida Gators fan? Pleased to make your aquaintance!

    Stupid Seminoles. Them injuns should be rustled up by now.
    It was kind of a joke. If I did decide to go that way, then I could say that Pokemon Battles are still popular, but one day, Dr. Vegapunk decided to try to hypnotize children 8 or older into playing with his toys to become rich. So he came up with a new craze called Beyblades.
    Yeah the first thing you said was right. It is a reference that some people now, but not that many.

    As for the second. Ermmmmm..... In the world of Pokemon, spinning tops are the newest technology. XD
    It is going to be a small crossover a Beyblade and Pokemon. The reason I'm hesitant is because it has a reference that will be the main reason of why the thing has happened. It is known to some people who play with Beyblades, but not to others It has to do with Waterfall. I'm pretty sure that it is mentioned here.

    The kid that says that he is working on a new move called "Waterfall".
    I see.

    I don't write, but I have an idea for a one-shot, but it might not make very much sense to anyone here.
    This arc spans three days and three nights before taking a five minute break, and then jumping straight into the next arc. Much of the arc is dedicated to character development, but a large part of it as well is trying to find ways to conserve heat.
    It's been coming along slowly. Not as slowly as the last chapter- it should be finished before May is out. I know that's a long time, but there have been a lot of distractions lately.

    (Oh, and the sun's out for the entire arc. That'd probably seem like a lot less time, if my year's hiatus hadn't happened.)
    Your request at Fly High is finished and awaiting pick-up. Eh-heh, i had to make three lines, even when i used a smaller size font, the first line had A LOT of text.
    It's something else entirely; specifically a trainer fic. During the summer, I plan to get started on it. Should time be on my side, the prequel to Fatefully Incorrect should come along the summer after that, then the sequel in the one after that, etcetera etcetera. Although I'll have to see if I can manage something during the school year to speed things up. Several years to do just a couple of things would probably be too long. Plus, my eventual magnum opus has to be ready to be deployed somewhere in the middle in order to not be dragging along ten years later. Or maybe that's what I want to do... :/

    ... Whoops, I got a little rambly with my plans there.
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