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  • A bit of both. Hee hee.

    In all seriousness, yes, it's fanfic-type plotting. Before I start the more exciting projects I have in store, I'm pondering a practice thingy that'll be mainstream at the same time. Sort of. :p
    What, do you mean Portal with Pokémon as the test subjects, or Aperture Science technology falling through a time-space rift, and into the hands of a rescue team?

    And don't worry about it, BSOTR was in its infancy when it went on hiatus. If the series ever continues, it should get better. MD Journal, as well as a number of potential sequels, are my primary concern right now, though, so it probably won't happen anytime soon.
    All the time. I have a script-style fanfic called Blue Snow: OTR (which is actually on Serebii, not just my deviantART) which actually got pushed to the side because MD Journal just seemed like a more intriguing idea.
    Sorry about the misspelling- I think my phone's Autocorrect kicked in there. And no problem- like I've indicated on the thread, I really like your fic. And besides, you have MD Journal in yours- thanks for that, too, by the way.
    Oh, you should see some of the older stuff on my deviantART. Fever is a particular old shame. To think it's only been three and a half years since I wrote that catastrophe...
    I'm not sure. It's a new fic, and padding can be used to tell a lot about a story's universe without shoehorning it in. However, padding can also be used to detrimental effect, as it draws a story out, often without any point. I can see the point here, so it wouldn't be as bad. I say use it, but I can't say for sure where you should use it. Sorry.
    Six rewrites? :eek: That's more rewrites than any story of mine has had in such a short span of time. One of my long-runners, Pokémon Hidden Projects, has had six rewrites, but it was first conceived in 2005.

    I do understand rewriting for quality, though, and it's something I've done many times in the past. Hidden Projects started as a Random Events Plot, but its current form concerns a mythos that spans around 25 years worth of in-universe events, each connected in some way or another. I'd say that it improved the quality of the writing, but I really haven't done much with draft #6. I might want to do that after I finish MD Journal.
    Yeah, MD Journal's been crazy- it seems that with the most recent few drafts, the characters have been taking the wheel, as opposed to the story I'd actually planned.
    Whenever I stop having writer's block. My original goal was to post a chapter each month, but I missed my deadline for November. I will still be trying my hardest to write something, and the plan is to have a second chapter out by the end of the year.
    Hey. I was in the middle of writing the next chapter, but my laptop battery died. I should be able to get back to writing around Thanksgiving, which is when I should have a new battery.
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