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Mar 27, 2020
Sep 15, 2015
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knightwolf09 was last seen:
Mar 27, 2020
    1. LadyTriox
      Awesome name :D
    2. clbgolden12
    3. clbgolden12
      Are you going to be looking at the leaks?

      If so, could you do me a favor? I don't want to see any story spoilers but still want other stuff, so whenever the leaker posts something about new Pokémon/Alola forms/Z-Moves, can you tell or link me to a pic if he posted one?
    4. LoveMcQueen5683
      Did you photoshop your signature? Its really cool.
    5. yumenokage
      zzOkay. I need some help. Can anyone here read and translate japanese clearly? I want to look into this corocoro more.
      what are you looking for in particular? I'm still learning japanese, but I can do a decent job on the parts where all the kanji are clear enough on the scans to make out (in some parts they're a blurry mess).
    6. Cetra
      Do not waste your time with them any longer.
    7. Robotnikthedrap
      Ah, an excellent installment! Such rigorous attention to the passage of time, as well as development of surroundings! The induction of color, steel and dark types, as well as stronger narrative, really elevated Generation 2 to stratospheric quality! While I value Red and Blue to be godsends, as they were my gracious introduction into the world of Pokémon, I firmly believe that without as strapping a sequel as Johto, the franchise would have suffered itself to possible mediocrity, judging by the genre in composite.
    8. Robotnikthedrap
      Knightwolf, my comrade! If you don't mind me asking, what was your first Pokémon experience? :)
    9. FrozenPhoenix96
      Fight me at PS.
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