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  • If you ever log on again I want this to be a reminder of how much you're missed.
    Is there a particular time of day at which it would be convenient to catch up with you? I feel bad, as though I'm holding your Pokemon hostage. ^_^;
    Sorry to have missed you, kochoupink. Slurpuff sounds too valuable (also sounds too funny). Whatever you want to send over will be fine. Catch you later, I guess. =)
    Luckily for you, I'm pretty sure it's Route 4 where they're found. But apparently they're very rare. I got my first one off the GTS. Good luck!
    hahahaha i know i wish we could have a like button in addition to rep. but vb doesnt give us options :(((
    That's not an argument I missed - it was the main thrust of the first article I posted. My caution in drawing causal conclusions and misogyny from those stats is just logical pedantry. More personally, and especially after watching Ms. Sarkeesian's videos, I'm all for seeing more women-led stories in videogames, with respectable treatment to boot. Causal arrows or not, the state of things simply offends one's sense of decency.
    I'm sorry for the confusion, kochoupink, but I'm only just graduating from a 4-year now. I won't be in grad school until the fall. ^_^;

    (I really have been an undergrad forever.)
    More feminism tumblr blogs, please.

    I found one called feministdisney on tumblr. I'm going to that now bc your friend abandoned me. :(
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