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  • i saw you like geology do you know what all these white rocks are in my backyard some of them have little like veins in them or something i think they might be diamonds idk
    Damn, that sounds pretty rad.

    I've yet to start on my thesis. I'm still trying to figure mine out, since I've been interested in the cognitive learning process and how it contributes to learned behavior and personality.

    What theories and principles are you basing your thesis on?
    Oh cool, so you study how things are formed and the like?

    So does that mean you can study how to create stuff like diamonds and crazy expensive stuff? =P
    That's just as cool, and the other lab workers can still be unable to take their eyes off you. And does that mean you'll be going on a stay in Argentina? You're doing now what I'll (hopefully) be doing this time next year, so pretty much any stories you have are going to be like candy to my inner child. ^_^

    But I'm a little surprised that research assistant funding is more money than teaching assistant funding (reading it now in so many words makes it sound unsurprising). I supposed that any funding to cover grad school tuition would be the same amount - namely, enough to cover the tuition and perhaps a stipend for living expenses - regardless of what sort of assistantship was involved.

    (Looking at something about the the Sn-W granite stuff in Argentina you mention on ScienceDirect, and hardly understanding any of it, aha. ^_^; )
    I think that if he were as smart as he says, that he would simply cut his losses and realize that he's waging an uphill battle. Oi.
    *hugs* Now excuse me while I evaluate my self worth in this newly forged relationship like mentally stable people do!

    Sorry, I am a bit strange. You'll get used to it.
    No, thankyou. Half the time I just feel like a retard that just happens to be semi good at the English language. ^_^;;
    Cardiac health needs more internet advocates like me.

    I'll be in academia forever, yes. Undergrad is taking forever because I'm already two years behind, but it's lovely and enjoyable all the same. Speaking of schooling, I'm interested in hearing about your snot-nosed undergraduates if you're interested in telling about them. 8D
    And he's a coast guard! He's tall, handsome, fit, and now I'm thinking about him forever and ever.
    [00:33] <kochoupink> Kreis
    [00:33] <kochoupink> A guy made you a balloon animal?

    yes, what does it mean?
    Whooaaaa this post came from me not reading far enough back into the thread. Thought it was ND who'd first dropped the Nacirema reference, not Profesco.
    Fabulous paper. Everyone should read it.
    What was the post before reading back? (And does your ND stand for Neo Duality?) =P
    ): I'm really sorry. But in my defense, I didn't want to run the risk that I would die in the interim before you could reply, getting your hopes up for nothing.

    Still, I am happy to know you care.
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