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  • I don't get the keys until Wednesday and then I don't get drive away forever until Friday. Are you going to Brown?
    Oh my gosh! Are you okay? That's awful! I hope you're not very hurt, kochoupink.

    Your hairdresser sounds positively intriguing. And lol about the shows! :D I guess I've dug myself into a little hole here, huh?

    I like the idea that people picture me as an Umbreon, lol. Even though I know what you look like, your Ampharos avatar is still the image in my head when I write to you.

    This is the first forum I've ever been on. It's all I have to go by. Have you been to many forums?
    uh.. you get lost here? where do you travel to? greenville?

    but.. living here's been pretty boring. almost nothing to do like ever.
    Lol, thanks, kochoupink. If you'll believe it, it's always a surprise to hear that!

    Ow, wow. I can relate to that pseudo-parent feeling you have. It's nice to know there are other responsible elder siblings around. That's great of you! And the part about bonding over Pokemon is really nice.

    Oh, well, she tripped on our front porch step after getting off her school bus. My mom happened to be away at the time, so we were alone until she returned. That was pretty scary, because she was in so much pain...

    Hey, by the way, I saw your prom pictures! You looked so elegant and pretty! The stem and white petals of the flower on your boyfriend's lapel went nicely with the green of your dress. Lol, I sound like I belong on the "Will & Grace" show...
    Lol, have you been reading my conversation with Cavan II? Yes, 10Sunkernlimit just sounds awesome.

    And if you're socially inept, I must be a downright klutz! I'm fine by the way, thanks. One of my little sisters broke her wrist, and the other one is still aching from a dental appointment, so I've had some extra big brother duties lately. Have you got any siblings?
    Hi, kochoupink!

    I just thought I'd pop in to say how charming I think you are. Always polite. Kind. Cool.

    Yup, I think that's all. Okay, take care!
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