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Dec 7, 2016
Jan 31, 2007
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Kofii was last seen:
Dec 7, 2016
    1. Zekshirom
      hey dude, i changed stuff up. only tekina is gonna be in the castle now. JUST. HER. no kyornik, no uma, just her (and technically shurui but still)

      so kyornik can't join her. please make the kanji just a random effect from densetsu's power.
    2. Doodles
      Hey there, check out Daedric Design when you get a chance. I finished your request!
    3. Kiruria
      Hey there, I noticed you posted in the Rainbow Omen. I just have one concern with that PK Thunder attack you had Kyornik use. Typically, three thunderbolts at once translates to a PK Thunder Gamma, which Kyornik shouldn't be able to learn at this stage in the game (especially since that was his most recently learned technique). Especially really powerful ones like what was described in your post. Do you think that you could just make the thunderbolts a little weaker or just be one or two at a time (three little ones striking at once is fine)? It should cause the same sort of effect on King Nanuk though, since he's weak to pretty much all PSI (except Freeze).
    4. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Say, can you trade now?
    5. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Hey, when'll you be available today? I got an opportunity in a little more than two hours.
    6. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      WOW, my iPhone double-posted. Sorry.

      7:49, huh? I'll try to work it out.

      No, I just mean that I don't do borrowing in general (except with friends). It takes away from the value of the merchandise. =( Sorry.
    7. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      7-8 ish... in how many hours is that from now?

      A Thundurus to borrow? Sorry, I don't do borrowing. I would, however, be willing to trade you one, as long as you have something good in return.
    8. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      5:53 P.M.? Let's see... the cruise should be done in about two hours... I should be home about an hour or two after that... so maybe in four hours? Would that work?
    9. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Tomorrow around 7... what time is it to you right now? We probably aren't in the same time zones.
    10. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Shoot. When can you get back on after that?
    11. Kofii
      not sure. probably for about an hour
    12. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark

      I went somewhere, so I brought my 3DS in the hopes that my iPhone's Wi-Fi hotspot would work for my game. It apparently doesn't. For how long will you be available?
    13. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      My Black FC is 4084 0904 9722.

      What's yours?
    14. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Hey, can you trade now?
    15. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Oh. I can't trade NOW. Maybe tomorrow?
    16. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Alrighty, perfect. When are you available?
    17. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      Adamant. Is that satisfactory?
    18. Lord Zoroark
      Lord Zoroark
      I hear that you have a Flawless Adamant DW Ho-oh? Also, I heard that you're looking for a flawless/near-flawless DW Blaziken?

      Well, I'm interested in that Ho-oh, and I have that Blaziken, if you're still interested. What do you say?
    19. Mrmuffin123
      Not interested In legrndaries
    20. Mrmuffin123
      No thanks, have an adament one myself
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