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  • Let it be noted that you got off during the very same minute in which you posted a message saying you'd be available for the next few hours.
    Uh, today would be better. Pls respond today if you get on again and see this message so we can possibly arrange a time to battle tonight so we can move this thing along lol.
    Hello, when would you like to battle for the war? I'm able to tonight after 9 pm gmt-6 if you're able.
    no, im out the entire day tomorrow. i should be home for the weekend though. pretty much any time saturday or sunday is good. just try and find me on my guild's xat, i'm on there a lot. oh and im GMT -4.
    You're welcome! I'll keep you updated when I get other rococo furniture. What are you missing?
    Got a dresser as well, so do you need the bed & dresser? I have them now. My gates are open, so please come soon. Also, if you do come today, Katrina is down, so can you get your fortune told from her? And for the two items, can I have 2500 Bells?
    Got a rococo bed if you need it. The bed actually looks really cool!

    By the way, be sure to check houses in the Happy Home showcase for rococo furniture you don't have and then you can order it.
    You're welcome! Thanks for getting what are probably two of the final things I really wanted! Now I only need the Tingle Hat, which you need Katrina's Shop. I will probably be able to get that in October or November.
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