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  • I was at work when you messaged :/ i be on most of the day today though :) what other days you have available to trade I can try to work around your time
    alright I be online for some time so just message me if you see my green light on once again I should be on and off :)
    dang I keep missing you >.> my mom wanted to go out shopping >.< if you happen to long on a bit later I be online :) if not I got all day tommorow as well
    im online now which your off if you have a discord username I have a link in my shop to a wifi chat free for anyone to use :)i will be there for sure if I am off from here ^_^
    alrighty sounds good I try to be on as much as I can to try to catch you probably might be after 4pm my time which I am gmt -4
    yeah its fine which strange you must of been busy the day I message you back because didn't see you on all that day which the other days you were not on when I was on which was off for at least two days do to work >.> I will be on after 1:30 pm my timezone tomorrow if not we can set a date on tuesday or wensday to trade :) off from work both days...
    its fine had a feeling something came up that day which anyway I was not all day since I worked in the morning and was tired >.> I be on most of the day today if your on and see my green light don't hesitate to message me if I don't notice you :)
    hey sorry about the wait but your requests are ready to be picked up so hopefully whenever you log back and were both online we can trade ^_^
    Let me hatch the last batch of eggs and see if there are any good IVed ones there, unless you really don't care about the IVs.
    FC : 4614 0610 4174
    IGN : Yachi

    Still working on a 5 IV togepi ~ Give me a sign when you're finished
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