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  • And here I am, approximately a half an hour later, telling you that I'm ready. I swear I'm psychic or something.

    So...I know I've added you to my circles on G+, but could you PM me your email so I can give you permissions to access both MAU Chapter IV and PMD: Master of Puppets Chapter III? Also, not sure how to start a chat so we can talk while this is going on, and I unfortunately don't have time for a call.
    ...Odd. ._. Well, if you still want to team up and write, I should be available in a half hour or so once I finish this homework assignment.

    That is pretty odd though...
    Oh, yes! I should be available then~ In the meantime I've bookmarked your story and am planning to catch up with it, so I should be up to date then too!
    Really? I didn't notice... But, that's awesome! And, also with the Espeon NPC. Never really heard of her before...
    There have been quite a few changes, though everything seems to be for the better. xD And, I've got a Treecko so far. Not much else. Xd
    (You're never done doing that. xD No matter how many years you've been here. It will happen. :D)

    Well, again, I hope you have better luck in finding a job... And, yeah. xD Though, the Bank is keeping it pretty busy for me. xD And that's excellent! I certainly wish you luck with that, Kori!
    Pretty well, all else considered. Still living with mom, but I doubt I was gonna save up enough from the restaurant job to move out anyways. Mostly been trying to kick my productivity back into gear now that my preoccupation with Pokemon X has settled down a bit. I've even started seeing someone in the last couple months; that's turning out pretty well so far, so I think maybe I can give myself a bit of room to have some hopes for the relationship.
    I bet... Well, that's good to hear. Those two activities are a lot less strenuous on your knees than running, that's for sure.

    So, other than that, how are you doing?
    Really? Wow... I can't imagine having to live with something like that. And, perhaps you should try and ease into something like running once you heal up. I don't know what your doctor says about it, but maybe something active might help it? I don't know...

    Awesome! I've got a profile pic with Leo and Noah on it, if you are looking for me.
    I've heard that somewhere... My cross country coach told us about this... Something with the knee right? (A google search later) Ah, it is.. And ouch. Well, I'm glad to see you're able to walk again.

    It's kinda hard not to have one nowadays... But, if you do, then hit me up on there if you'd like. xD It's not that bad of a platform, truly. [dra026@yahoo is my email if you need to search for me]
    22,000 words or so.. Yeah, I apologize. xD *tosses you a lifering in the form of Chapter 17*

    Injury leave? Nothing too serious I hope... And, I suppose that's a bright side to it. There's better jobs out there for you.

    Well, it's fairly simple to use in my opinion. I use it for nearly everything I write now, mostly because it's so easy to have people beta read... And, you need a Google Plus profile for it, but that's the only requirement. Everything else about it is mostly modeled after Word.
    Wooooooords, oh the horror! You send me to my death, sir! *splashflails ineffectively in the word count ocean*

    Yeah, apparently while I was on injury leave they decided they weren't getting enough business to warrant the number of employees they had, and cut about 30 of us loose. Ah, well, at least I'm not stuck working for less than minimum wage anymore. *grumblemutter* American restaurant worker pay clauses...

    I've...heard of it, but I am not sure that I could keep up with it very well, if my one experience registering with a Google shared docs group for a project a couple semesters ago is anything to go off of. >.>
    Heh. xD That you do. But, I do promise you that it's worth it. I've improved a lot since you least reviewed. :D (Though beware of Chapter 16. I apologize for the massive word count on that one...)

    That's good! Glad to hear that you've got something manageable. And you got laid off? I'm very sorry to hear, Kori. I wish you the best of luck in finding a new job.

    It's something! XD Two pages is better than none. And, if I might ask, do you know of Google Drive (Google's word processing program)?
    0_0 You're here! :D Awesome!

    Anyways, that's great, Kori! I'm happy that you're finally going to be doing that! And, of course, I'd love to see you on here more. :D

    I've been good! Just posted Chapter 17 of my story recently and am working on a few smaller projects. Other than that, school is going alright and I can't truly complain about anything.
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