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  • (Yes, this is where you post...^_^ and If I am not here you CAN post with Shane... just remind me to post when I show up...)

    Storm recalled the warning Shadow had given her about the other boy in the audience. For some reason she had overlooked it. She scaned the area to see if there was anyone nearby that he could have been talking about.
    (HEY!!! psst... Shane and I need you to make East do something... we almost forgot about him >< ^_^)
    GASP!!!!! you disapeared!!!!! how sad.... first you are here... and then you are gone.... it all has a very sad sound to it.

    Up late, can't sleep, thought I'd say hi. I think Yahoo is compatible with MSN (I regularly talk to someone with Yahoo while I'm using MSN) so decided to add you again (failed last time). If I don't appear on your list, I can PM you my MSN so you can add me manually. Unless you don't want to talk to me ;_; *Puppy-dog eyes*
    (I think I will post in my Vm for this story so all three of us can see what is happening easily)
    (Me and Shane-san are going at it right now, jump in when you can... ^_^ feel free to check what has happened as well)
    Gee... sorry to hear it. I guess that means that it won't be anytime soon before you can actually get posting again is it? Well I do think its important that you get good marks (what? Am I actually sounding like a parent!? O_O). Just try your best, take some time off fanficing if you have to, and hopefully you can land a spot on the honor role. GOOD LUCK!
    Well I saw yur profile pic and well, I just thought I should make mine a Cyndaquil. ^^ Hey, got any ideas for another Pokemon? Or shall we stick with Skorupi? If we kept him he should definitely be the creepy one.
    Actually, a friend of mine says that for no apparent reason. I'll be halfway through and he blurts out, "Tomatoe!" Then a smack my head on the desk. And who are you calling kid? >=(
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