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  • I remember some of that stuff.... Some of it. It's been a while since I've read that story. But, I'm finding the same problem. On one hand, I want to develop my story's world as much as I can, but on the other I want to leave a little for the reader to imagine. It's finding that perfect balance that's the hardest part. Well, I don't really have any older works to cameo from, so I just settle on including an appearance or two from one of my friends' characters.

    I hope they can too. I hope there's a good variety of ride-able Pokemon you can choose from. And yes, I agree with you about the Rhydon evolution. XD

    Well, I gotta sleep now. I'll catch you later, Kori!
    XD Don't worry. We all do it eventually.

    That's the beauty of writing fan fiction. You get to change nearly everything that's not clearly established and no one bats an eye. Especially with PMD. There's a lot of stuff that's not bolted down there. I believe we've discussed governments of that world before.
    Heh, I've kinda got that one explained in the form of a small reference to "The Cult of the Second Mew". I see the legendaries as beings normal Pokemon worship (much like the ancient Greek gods), and Mewtwo would be the perfect " santanicish cult" god, in my opinion. XD

    Chespin's been my choice the whole way, though I really like all three so far. And yeah, I'll be hard not to go with two Grass types... XD
    You posted the VM here, no wonder I didn't see it...

    Anyways, really? Well, I'm glad it's working out for you. I figured that geography could account for why some Pokemon aren't available. It seemed like the easiest way out. XD
    And nice idea. I'd definitely like to see that mission.

    And yes! I am very excited for it! I personally love Helioptile, but most of the others look just as awesome.
    And well, Ranger already introduced us to riding a whole bunch of Pokemon, so it might not be so uncommon that we can ride other things...
    Yep. Truth be told, I've kinda (admittedly) copped a little off of your idea and decided that with one possibility, I could simply tweak it so that 5th Gen and newer Pokémon simply aren't that common in the regions this story takes place in. They pop up once in a while, but they're definitely not as frequent and tend to raise a few brows when spotted. In any case, I did suddenly get an idea for a later mission involving an awoken Golurk and a mad fight for survival, but we'll just see what happens if I get that far.

    On another vein of news, excited for Gen V? I know I'm already way too excited about getting a grassy hedgehog and iridescent rainbow-antlered stag. :D Also POKEMON MOUNTS. I can't wait to see how far they go with that, and if any other species are rideable!
    Trust me, I know. I know. That's what's been affecting me this summer as well. I completely understand...

    That's good, I guess. I originally thought the same with Overthrown and the fifth gen. But, I managed to fit a few fifth gen characters in quite easily, so I know the feeling.
    Hey, Kori. Did anything come of the PM I sent you? Did anything I say help at all with the chapter?
    Heh, yeah... If you saw, it did very well in the awards, too. I'm so happy! :D

    Anyways, I'll try my best to help out. And that is fine. I'll be doing some chores and writing today, so just send it when you can.
    Hmm, that's not good. If you wish, I'd be willing to try and brainstorm via PM. Try and get some ideas and motivation flowing.
    That's how I wrote chapter thirteen. It was very difficult to write during those months for me as well.

    Though, recently, I finally figured out how to end my story.
    Nice to see you again! I was hoping that you'd come back one day. I'm sorry to hear that things have been busy for you lately. Hopefully your writing has been doing alright.
    Yeah, never underestimate family. They kept me busy ever since last Friday. I'm only now getting some time to myself.
    That's good, I'm doing the same with Overthrown. I'm hoping to make some decent progress on it tomorrow. Heh, good luck with that. I've got a couple waiting for my review as well...

    Well, at least there's that. Hooray for minimal productivity!
    Hello again, I've just been wondering how you been doing lately. Hope your holiday break was good.
    "trusty regional patrol corps" You used that phrase in your chapter and I can't stop coming back to it. Those words do not go together well, according to my story. XD

    Anyways, while most viewers here are familiar with Pokemon and can figure out the species based on what you have, I'd directly state the name somewhere in the chapter. Just to remove those potential problems of someone not getting it.
    I didn't really see an area where you under-described the characters or setting, so I guess that's good for you.
    ....Are you, by any chance, that one person I called "Larxanne" once?

    Well so we meet again~
    I wasn't worried it'd die, heck, I've left my own story alone for longer than that, and it's doing fine. Considering that you're still able to write with all your classes says something about your dedication. And I'm in school as well, so I get being busy.
    I love ya already x) VM SapphireIris, too~ You could be her newest sarcasum rival! ^____^
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