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  • *Comes out from below*

    What the...? This isn't Japan. How did I end up here? *Pulls out map* Crap, I should've taken a left at that giant pillar. *Looks around* Wait a second. I'm in Kori's profile. Well, as long as I'm here, maybe I should say something about how I got a new chapter up of Guardian a few days ago. Or about how Bulbasaur is driving me insane.

    Well, I'm off to resume my search. Farewell.

    *Dives back into hole*
    Not exactly sure. I just went to Google Images and typed in "Lucario." ...it was a long time ago, though. If memory serves me correctly, I think it was in the way late pages. Like, around the twenty pagers...
    What did you search to find the background? I go looking all the time and the best I've come up with is something that looks like it should be a wallpaper in a two-year-old's bedroom.

    I have a scanner on my other computer, which is not connected to the Internet, which means that I have to take photos of pictures on my phone and email them to myself. X.X It's irritating. I wish the USB ports in this computer worked...
    That sucks. I had to get a series of three injections earlier this year, and the last one gave me the flu. Plus, they made my arm ache for days.

    Did you make that banner yourself? I hear you're opening a thread; I might have to put in a request!
    Yeowch. Wouldn't want to be you. Although I've found that I quite like writing essays, or at least find them very easy to do. Just as well, because I had to write one in half an hour flat to help explain to my mother that I'm pansexual. Just as expected, she didn't have a clue what I was talking about until she read it.

    X.X No one reads Wikipedia any more...

    I think you're lucky to have a boyfriend so early in life. I've never actually dated anyone, only told two people how I felt about them (both online), and, um, I'm in my very first relationship now. It's been just over a week and I never noticed how it can take you such a short amount of time to fall in love with someone when you've been almost best friends with the person for eight months.
    Migraines suck. Well, I wouldn't know, but my mother used to get them.

    Er... hmm. How to describe my life. Well, I'm trying very hard to get out of a love triangle... hard to dump someone when you still love them... trying to devote myself to someone else, being stalked by songs (I'm serious, last night I saw a few that perfectly described the last few days), working ten hours in a row to write up a project, and... no, I think that's it. Oh, and I have a new poem up in the non-Pokemon section. Probably the shortest piece of work I've ever posted.
    Hey Kori, I haven't seen you for a while. I've been waiting for some sort of update on your story. Or at least of review of mine. *Hint-hint*

    Oh, and I also have a FF.net account as well. Same name as on here.
    Ah, so it was you who suggested it first. *high-fives back* And you cannot claim my profile... >_> <_< >_< But you can try. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!

    (Nice avvie too, Alex. XD)
    Hehehe! School's out! I shall now proceed to occupy your profile with my incredibly sarcastic comment rants! :D

    Yes. Good girl, K_B. ^-^ FPE, if you're reading this...GET A FANFICTION ACCOUNT!! X3 *high-fives Koridojo_Blaziken*
    I'm not sure if there are rules as to how much time is required between chapters...and admittedly, I've only gotten three of the current chapters down there so far. I should really pick up the pace a little, I guess. ^-^;;

    Holy Fizzle, you went to to the capital?! O_O Lucky...I've only been to Massachusets and Utah. D: Although I did qualify for my fifth rank in archery a month ago. ^-^
    Ah yes. Smart Alex recommended that I get an account. So did you start posting your fanfic there too? How is it being accepted there? Are the rules to how fast someone can post chapters different there?

    Hehe... I didn't take part in Track and Field this year. I think I know what you are thinking about though, and that is the National Capital run I took part in. That was the kinda race that anyone could take part in, old and young, male and female, and it was a single event once a year. Anyway, I got 44 minutes and 50 seconds so I'm happy ^^
    I'll probably read it again when I find the inclination. A lot's been happening to me lately and my mind just isn't on reading or writing. Hey, did I tell you I'm in the middle of a love triangle? It's sort of nice!
    Yeah, me too. ^_^

    ....It's been a week since I posted the most recent DG chapter, and yet virtually nobody's noticed two significant events in it....*sighs*
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