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  • I managed to put it on both, but it's worse quality at FF.Net because of a little error. I can't edit anything - that includes my profile (so people still think I'm sixteen) and any documents I download. I'd suggest reading it here, because it's better quality and you even get the added bonus of a spoiler at the end!

    BTW, if you need any help for your fic, just PM me. Unless you want to include elements from PMD2, because I'll draw a complete blank there. Since I haven't played it yet, the hints go right over my head.
    Sorry, I'll read it. I just got kinda caught up trying to figure out how to continue Dawn Guardians...I'll read and review when I can. (But is the newer chapter here, or at Fanficiton? Cause I'm sorta confused, to tell the truth. <_>)
    Hi again, Kori! I spent the past few days reading Maximum Ride books two through four. My eyes hurt. Oh, and have you read my latest chapter? I'm worried you haven't reviewed because you hate it...
    Shipping is like a love relationship between two characters. Even if it is a little one-sided. No way am I letting Eruri like Rarutos!
    Hi Kori, and congratulations on beating the Elite Four. Oh, have you seen my sig? A reader actually named the shipping in Visions Of Fate!
    Hey Kori. I'm in a real mess right now. I feel like I'm up to my eyes in work. I'll manage though, but unfortunately it might have to mean that I'll have to put my fanfic off another week. I read your latest chapter though. I liked what I saw. I'll post what I can for a review on the actual thread when I get the chance.
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