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  • Cute with claws huh? Aren't those the worst... Cause while it hurts you can't bring yourself to hating it cause it's just so darn cute, then you feel bad for thinking such thoughts... -.- lol

    Well, lets start back when... Oh, I was about to discuss stuff about the plot on your profile. Silly me! ^^; I'll... Send you a note on DA!

    Don't worry about it! You'll get the hang of it again soon enough!
    Well I guess you could feel accomplished from something like that... o_o

    Maybe I'll agree with you if you give me scritches? =3

    I know right? I have decided now that I want a red panda as a pet! 8D

    Just out of curiosity. Have you considered checking back to our fanfic that we've been working on together lately? I just mention this cause I looked at it the other day, and what we had going seemed really good. it would be a shame if we stopped after all this.

    Lastly. There is an interesting new thread in the Author's Cafe. It's called 6 word story. Maybe you'd be interested in checking it out. =)

    I'm pretty sure you just invented a new language there Kori...

    And Shinx is better. Ever since I've played sky, I've felt closer to Shinx and its evolutionary line than ever before. Because Shinx was my partner.

    Oh, and I've decided that I want a new kind of pet now. A red panda. Why you ask? Well just see for yourself! XD link
    Kori, I thought DA was the best way to contact you... ._.

    That's why I asked you the serious question with the note I sent you... (I replied to your reply last night.)
    Hmm... I doubt she will ever know. X-eyed things makes you see the world a little... differently. Oh look, she thinks I'm a lamp post.

    Ooooh... X( That will not feel very good once the powdered seed wears off...

    Now she's arguing with a tree.

    Yeah, she'll never know you duped her...
    I guess I should have warned you before you ate that. That wasn't sugar frosting on that cake. Someone accidentally spilled x-eye seed powder on it. That's why I was going to throw it away. You didn't think I would just throw away a perfectly good piece of cake did you? o_O

    Sent you a not on DA! =)
    Nope. Those are your just desserts!

    Oh look, 1 leftover piece of ice cream cake. Whatever shall I do...? Can't be helped, guess I better throw it in the garbage. *starts to walk towards trash can in slow motion with cake in hand*
    Kori... you shall PAY FOR THIS!!!

    I just need to know what flavour you want the cake in. ^^

    Sorry, the cake is a lie. =|

    There, serves you right! >=(

    lol XD
    Hi! What's up? Haven't heard from you in Shadows in a while.

    And congrats on winning a fanfic award!
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