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  • 2013. Oh Koji, I never got to say goodbye. Hope life has been kind to you man! I still remember the fun I had with you guys even after all this time.
    You are truly an internet master!!
    Your fake rumor of Satoshi catching the Gamagaru turned out to be true after all!
    I guess not even you would have thought of that :p
    Gameteen.net is latest online free 10,000 popular flash games with greatest players, fun games, play now.

    Go watch Batman: Under the Red Hood, the new movie that just came out.

    Quite possibly the best Batman animated movie in a long time.
    I've seen at least one recent topic involving "rescuer psychic Iris", with the full anime rumors you spread being posted (prissy guy, starts with Mu'una; Iris gets Koromor, Kibagon, Mijumaru; etc) and I know I've seen it brought up in other topics elsewhere.

    It's amazing the staying power of your rumors.
    Hey you should probably make a topic in the anime section about those rumors you spread.

    It's getting kind of silly at this point.
    It is a shame a lot of the older users who were around during the AG or early DP era are now gone. Its understandable people would want to move on from Pokemon eventually though.

    I've already kinda decided I plan to retire from the anime once DP ends, and I probably won't watch the BW arc regularly. 13 years was a good run, and I'm starting to get the feeling the show will never have concrete closure, so best to go out on a high note with DP.

    It is a shame that none of us will probably be around for whenever the final arc of the show truly is, but I guess that can't be helped.

    I still have time to watch TV/videogames though, even with a full-time job so it doesn't matter much to me in terms of time.
    That is some other guy with my username, I think he was Pokepoll before.

    Anyway you should really watch some of the better DP episodes in motion, the pics just aren't the same. At least try to watch the more important episodes you missed.

    There was a lot of hype for DP when it first started, I wanted to make sure to watch it the whole way through no matter what. Shame a lot of other people gave up in the middle...
    Hey, you are finally more active again! ^^
    So, the "ash is Iris' knight" rumor was you doing? Pretty sweet.
    How do you like the so far revealed pokemon?
    I wish you'd still be there over at bulba.
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