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  • I figured out the reason why TPCI keeps using the Ash title card- it's laziness. Basically they did the same thing during the Sinnoh region. In Japan the title card changed to add the new badge Ash gets in the episode after, however TPCI kept on resuing the first one. Though they finally decided to use the latest ones later on.

    Basically TPCI does have the other title cards, they just chose to reuse the same one. But maybe later they will use the proper ones.
    I wish I never said what I said, I should have just pointed out that you can think what you like and I can think what I like and that there was no need to be rude like we have constantly been arguing when you first replied to mine (and the other user's) post. And finally that you should apologize for your rude behaviour. Because it's with that kind of attitude you'll have a hard time getting friend requests on here.
    Information about the game aren't supposed to be available to the public yet, so Nintendo is doing their best to try and contain the situation by taking down sites that are leaking information.

    If you need to get mad. Get mad at the store that sold you the game, and for breaking the street date.
    Don't blame it on me, or the forum's thread now. You realize it was entirely [your] or [your friend's] fault (as well as other leakers) for leaking info to begin with. The world caught wind of these information and people started posting it on various forums and websites. On our end, we tried to keep things in control because the things have gotten out of hand.

    So do not question me, or even blame me for what happened.
    I understand that you wish to prove yourself. But we strictly do not tolerate this.
    Please stop spamming the thread trying to prove whether you're real or not.
    Regardless, it's off topic and clogging the thread. Thanks.
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