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    I really enjoy them now, the Butterfree and Jirachi episode put me to tears and I've seen the Pokémon magic in them.
    People need to decide though, when Team Rocket is not serious and doesn't appear in every episode; people complain about the Unova Pokémon not getting any screen-time and character development. Team Rocket was one of the biggest reasons why character development was great before Unova. Now that they are here and we see more character development; people complain about them.
    I warned you that this post has spoilers in it. Put a spoiler tag everytime that a spoiler appears.

    Remember that for dub viewers the last episode is the Team Rocket vs Team Plasma Meowth and Colress. Da!, funny Team Rocket, Butterfree and Jirachi doesn't exist for a only dub viewer. And Serebii respect those users.
    Hey, Kotone. Remember me from the noncomp group? After it all fell apart over the summer, we finally got it revived as a club thread. We also got a league back up and running, and we're looking for challengers. If you're still up to it, we'd love if you jumped back on board.

    The gutters got a screwed up and a bunch of branches fell down all over our lawn and roof. So I have a bit of cleaning up to do...
    No, that was me looking at your message this morning to get back to it later...

    I ain't got no pancaikzzz. But I haz teh wafflez.
    Sure, sometimes I kiss the *** of people to get their attention too.
    LMAO My sides are hurting!
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