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  • Thanks, definitely going to need it +_+

    You should talk with Wecondo and WhyBuffet on here. They both have killer rain teams xD.

    Heh, Well hopefully tbh. It would have been nice if say..... someone else got drizzle, trying to think who tho.
    I'm restarting AS soon. Really want that Kyogre xD

    Mega Swampert is nothing short of beastly, heh. So I take it you've got experience with rain teams? :)
    It certainly is a finicky strategy that can go horribly wrong :(

    Well taking away from it's offence should (in theory at least) help sponge it's attacks? I say that with baited breath :| lol

    I run a TR mega Camerupt team. I adore that mega :).

    But this is the thing tho. Swords dance is hella scary in singles. In doubles. I've seen one Haxorus use it. Once... that's it. Lol. Dragon Dance is more the set up move in VGC,

    Plus, won't people EV Ray so that it can survive this/that/the other? Effectively taking away some of it's offence or speed?
    Yeah, I mean everyone has been hyping up mega Ray? Why? Cos it can make the weather disappear?

    It's not going to be a complete game breaker IMO.

    Plus Mewtwo atm scares me much more then Rayquaza does tbh.

    Will you use a TR team?

    This is my point. While Cradilly is nice on the switch. Smart players will double target Cradilly so that Primal K is free to use it's water moves.
    Because - and there is no denying how epic Groudon is - a lot of people (myself included) run straight for Groudon. Completely bypassing the fact that Primal K is a beast. Rain teams can be hellascary to go up against and I still have not seen any ways to counter/OHKO Primal K. Sure there is Cradilly. But I don't fancy taking an "ice beam" to the face. Get my drift? :)

    Well, your more then welcome to have some VGC matches with me if you like? :)
    Hey, how's it going?

    I switched sides on the VGC front. I choose Primal Kyogre xD

    Do you ever play VGC matches over WiFi? :D
    I didn't play it either.

    That's a blessing I guess. That it isn't permanent anymore :)

    I also want to see if Reshiram would be viable. I mean his typing is kinda nice. Tho I fear Kyogre is going to make his life verrrry difficult xD
    I heard that the gen 5 meta was constant weather wars. Tho no one can say that Politoed/Ninetails have the same power level behind them :x

    I gotta admit, I kinda want to see what SeJun thinks about all this haha.

    It also, (if you think about it) comes down to choosing a side. Red. Blue or Green xD haha

    I choose Red
    Ahhh I see.

    Well, could I pick your brains/chat to you about VGC sometime?

    I've never been to an event, but next year I will go to one. The VGC16 rules, (while not good for some) are IMO awesome and I can't wait to get into that format.
    Funny to see you here. I noticed you went to Zold's shop and was wondering why that trade sheet looked so familiar. Looked back at Reddit to see it under the name ScarletTea.

    We did a Slowpoke/Gible for Flabebe-Y/B/W/Drilbur/Electrike/Snorunt/Kecleon trade not too long ago :eek:
    cool!!! thank you very much for this^^ I was looking all over forums on different sites and wasn't able to find one except in here. ty ty so much again!! :D
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