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  • Wow, I haven't checked on this page in months.
    Anyway, I'll try to be more active again, and I'm creating a Trade Shop to help others as well.
    wow that some legendary you want to find..
    i remember back then when i was trying to find those pokes lol..it was hard time hehe..

    well i can give you shiny ut japanese newmoon island darkrai legit of course..
    yeah i know cool right lol (thanks to my friend SIZ)..since you got diamond version why not you clone this poke to get another legend as well since it pretty rare (just suggestion)
    i play alot of older games since i dnt have much cash to be buying all of the newer games..i do have dbz ultimate tenkiatchi thts the newest game i got
    Hello guys!!

    I'm looking for the following pokémon:

    Darkrai - Deoxys (any form) - Celebi - Jirachi - Rayquaza - Kyogre - Groundon - Latios - Latias

    If you have any of these poke and wanna trade it, please leave me a message with the pokémon you want, or just ask me and I can offer the pokémon I have :D

    By the way, I play Pokémon Diamond.

    Thanks in advance!
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