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  • It does get slow from time to time, yes. Well, if you do decide to move on to bigger and better things, it's still nice to notice you here once in a while. ^_^
    Oh, fine enough. Trying to remain light-hearted around here is more of a challenge than ever, but it's still nice to see friendly faces. ^_^
    Yes it does thanks. Doesn't need to be anything big. Just small simple stuff for the thought.

    Pt Elias is with Bootcampwithjess Alpha co and is over 500 lbs, please help him fight the war of fat,obesity, one day at a time watch his progress help him o...
    That's a FB post by one of the Instructor at the Bootcamp gym I've in.

    Can yo please reply to this message with some words of encouragement for me to post on the status for Elias.

    Trying to get him as much support as I can, from as many people as I can.

    Nah it was actually in relation to your thing about 'misc. veterans being better' thingy. I can't remember it exactly but yeah.
    I guess I should give a better statement concerning this.

    You are totally right. I've never really fit in here. However, I think it's not necessarily that I try too hard (at least not recently) but that people here seem to ignore me.

    It seems that the only way to fit in here is to be consistently witty (which I am not, admittedly) or to make interesting post (which I apparently don't do consistently, either). I guess considering that I don't really feel like I have made any long-lasting connections here (the only person that I really talked to here is no longer active), I don't really have that much incentive to stay, and as such, I have contemplated leaving. It's probably going to happen too, considering that I don't really post a lot as it is anymore.

    Having said that, I still don't know why you bother to come here anymore if you don't even like most of the people here. Again, I am not affected by your decision to stay, but there's really no point in hanging around if you don't enjoy going here. I know because that has been the case for me plenty of times.
    You have a good point Krake
    Basically he used to be a mod, then went apeshit and spammed the place up. He would've have kept on doing so but he was essentially placated. As long as he didn't let the forum get hacked again, he could remain a regular member. He has essential carte blanche.
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