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May 19, 2006
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Still Dirrty

    1. bobjr
      Kreis I expected something bigger
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      2. bobjr
        Grad for human behavior stuff, which means i'm both qualified for everything and nothing.
        Jun 10, 2018
      3. Kreis
        Niiiiice. I bet you’re excited to be done. I am in the biotechnology field right now. I’m hoping to find a job in the industry as soon as I’m finished. I was also thinking about a PhD in clinical psych. Are you relieved to be done with school?
        Jun 13, 2018
      4. bobjr
        Yeah, but I'm much less busy now and need to figure out how to be constructive.
        Jun 13, 2018
    2. Metagross Guy
      Metagross Guy
      Just wanted to say **** you bro.
      1. Kreis likes this.
    3. intergalactic platypus
      intergalactic platypus
      Kreis! I never log in here anymore either so sorry for not replying. Yes I was teaching history at a prep school, but it was in a rural area so I decided to get Special Ed certified and move to the city. I no longer have the boyfriend (turned out to be a bit of a mooch/loser,) but I do still have the career and the fun times. I can so see you being a rich NYC trophy husband btw; I feel like that's your calling. I would be down if I were hotter.
    4. ellie
      you always miss me
      1. Kreis likes this.
    5. top8inU.S.A.
      You're still fairly active here I see. I am merely a lurker. It's been awhile, hope you're doing well.
    6. Psynergy
      Thanks! It'll take time to get used to the luxurious orange name.
    7. ellie
      I don't eant t see U
    8. ellie
      stfu manlet
      1. Kreis likes this.
    9. SlipKnoT
      Were you a member of SavageX's TPPF a number of years back?
    10. ellie
      where did you come from
    11. bobjr
      I'm so sorry for you.
    12. bobjr
      Did you become Barney from How I Met Your Mother?
    13. intergalactic platypus
      intergalactic platypus
      Things are fabulous. Well that may be a little dramatic, but they're good. I'm living in Boston with my boyfriend and his best friend on the first floor of an ancient but reasonably spacious house. It's a really good neighborhood for what we pay, so I used to think we got lucky but then I discovered that this place has a recurring rat problem so yeah now it makes sense. I'm teaching in a sub-separate class for kids with emotional and behavioral disorders (getting called a crazy ****ing ***** by a 7 year old is an experience everyone should have at least once) and finishing up my Masters in hopes I'll get my very own shiny classroom for next school year. Also I'm turning 25 in the spring so I am a quarter of the way through my life omg.

      What are you doing other than being beautiful and blond?
    14. ellie
      You're dirrty
    15. bobjr
      This puppy just goes into wiggle fits sometimes.
    16. bobjr
      It's a 5 week old border collie/lab mix. She's super tiny.
    17. bobjr
      I can't even imagine me as a parent. I just got a puppy and if a baby is worse then no way.
    18. R_N
      when i leave
    19. bobjr
      There isn't a lot of things of me to sit on.
    20. intergalactic platypus
      intergalactic platypus
      Kreis do you still post here? I haven't spoken to you in forever!
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