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  • but i just came back after only having phone for a couple days :( come on tomorrow i need to talk to u about gang raping Joe
    I will, thank you. I'm still new to this so I'm still trying to figure it all out.

    By the way, how do you change the names of threads? There's a thread that I want to change the title of.
    Thank you :) I'm really happy to be here.
    But I'm also really worried about screwing everything up. I've been here for a couple of days.
    Well I've been to a bunch of places in Europe but I don't hink I'd be known for that, haha.

    Yesss. Sapphire was my first game so I'm biased, but 3rd gen is still amazing. I can't wait to have it in 3d. And yeah, I'm not too bothered by the megas either but I like seeing what they do with the designs.
    If you liked the last few seasons you would be the first person to say that
    That doesn't sound like "I watched Spartacus and it's the greatest thing ever"
    i hate you for never replying to me anymore i hope you get molested by a dirrty old priest
    Wow threads in misc. polls don't generally last very long before they get hidden due to inactivity, do they? The place looks like a ghost town with the exception of the General Chat Thread. ;I Welp time for me to make a bunch of threads again.

    How are things going for Kreis though?
    Haha. I don't think brits would be very intimidated by an american. ;( And I've never been there either actually, even though it's only like an hour away.

    I'm embarrassingly excited for ORAS, I can't wait to see all the new megas. I hope Azumarill gets one.
    I'm ok. I'm going to london tomorrow for a week and then after that I have a few days until school starts again. :/ What's up with you?
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