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  • It's unconfirmed. I'd like it to be an official mix—I do think the song could do well on Country radio. It only started to surface yesterday. I'll keep an eye on it.
    I'm not good at making good jokes, though, so it will be a challenge.

    That's impressive. The school I'm going to has such strict parameters around their programs that I doubt I could take all the courses for a pre-med curiculum and still claim a psych major. And if that's what you meant, then I guess the answer's yes, since I intend to go all the way to a doctorate in psychology, though I might specialize in cognitive neuroscience by that time. But, really, at this point those are just very big dreams and grand words for me. Good luck, by the way, with whatever you choose to do. It sounds as though you have this planned out much better than I have.
    Okay, I'll try to stop making so many bad jokes.

    I thought you were now a bio major? And no, I'm still not done with the bachelor's degree. Are you?
    That's what Kelly Clarkson said last night.

    Oh! ;D

    No, I am not. I am a psych major. Nobody respects psych majors. Maybe it was a bad joke for me to make.
    I don't believe you.

    That you're very respectable is a rude thing to say? No, I am not. I'm not intelligent or industrious enough for medical school. You'll be excellent though, I bet. =)
    They'd have to put it in another planet just to contain the sexy.
    Your progeny would certainly be sent to another planet, but it wouldn't be because of sexiness.

    Sorry for the two week late response!

    I hadn't heard that track, no! I like it! Interesting that she's doing Flo's 'Heavy In Your Arms'. Should be good.

    Kelly is really going all out with 'Mr. Know It All'—this is the third version I've heard: Country Version. She's so verstaile! I like it. I hope it goes for adds on country radio, I think it'd be a hit.
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