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  • Even deep-South country kitchens aren't safe. Tsk, what a time we live in.

    *makes you more uncomfortable*
    It's working. Maybe we should stop.
    Is she in danger of gangster-mauling?

    Well, you shouldn't, of course. Even though this whole thing is a gag, it makes me uncomfortable to playact being desirable. If it's making both of us uncomfortable, maybe we should stop.
    I hope she doesn't die of diabetes or atherosclerosis.

    I've been okay. Turning down a proposal takes a while to get over. I assume the same goes for having your proposal turned down, so how have you been?
    Haha, yeah. Entirely pointless.

    My favorite local radio station has begun calling itself the "official Kelly Clarkson radio station" — I think they're having some sort of ticket contest for her concert here in February, but I'm happy because they've taken to playing quite a few of her hits. They seem to be playing "Behind These Hazel Eyes" and "Miss Independent" a lot, obviously "Mr. Know It All", and a little "Since U Been Gone". Between playing a lot of Kelly and Adele, I'm a very happy listener!
    Very soon. I'm in my senior year right now, just a few more months and I'll be heading probably to IU if everything goes right financially.
    You should have used your mod connections to get it changed to Pop Music Thread: Kreis addition

    It's what I would have done.

    If I were you.

    I'm sorry, Kreis, but I wasn't going to just marry you so as to avoid hurting your feelings. That would have ended up hurting you more than this.
    Since when do people say sorry after accepting a proposal? I'm not marrying you.

    Also, I don't want to be Angelina Jolie. She made out with her brother. =<
    It's not cyberstalking when it's me having a conversation with someone in the present.

    You've got platypus all worried that I've blocked her on msn, because you think I blocked you. I just don't use msn much, that's all.
    Nonsense. The only way you could make me cry is if... is if you're breaking up with me?!?!? *runs into deoxysxxx' arms*

    Because all the mods want in your pants, of course. I'm almost there, just got to crack a couple more tough nuts, as it were. And the only reason Profesco has it out for you is because you didn't take him on that romantic getaway to Haiti you promised.
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