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  • Wow, that mash-up surprisingly works. I wouldn't have expected Kelly's track to work over the "SLY" piano. It's really good.

    I heard the "Never Again" session yesterday — I was mostly busy with Christmas stuff but I had actually meant to link it to you! I loved it too. I like this version more than the original... she keeps putting out these sessions where she outdoes herself! I love it.
    He has these sketchy new friends, so they've made a "scavenger hunt" of sh*tty things to do. Some highlights include give sex toys to Elementary school kids, put used condoms on strangers doorknobs, show up to a shooting range drunk, and p*ss out the car window on cars driving by. They already let all the mice out in the Wal-Mart pet department (and got kicked out) and trashed his sisters car, so they'll do it.

    The kid already has a DUI under his belt, but his parents let him do quite literally whatever he wants. There's a hierarchy in that house. B.J can do nothing, Ali can do a lot but still has limits, and Ryan can do literally whatever he wants and still be considered the best kid. I'm just hoping he'll take it far enough that for the first time in his life he'll actually get in trouble
    Ah. No need to be sorry. Not even my irl best friends would know who he is, come to think of it.

    He was a journalist and critical essayist, focusing mainly on international politics and religion. He wrote, Kreis, like some kind of master of language. His articulation, wit, store of information, and sheer speed and skill blow you away. He was a bit of a jerk, though. Still, he was a really impressive guy. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer (probably from all his drinking and smoking) and started chemotherapy last year, and as a result of his shattered immune system, he caught pneumonia in the hospital and couldn't survive it. He kept writing and interviewing right up to that point, though. I read an article of his written on like the 13th/14th. He was so brave, and so honest, and yet still so erudite, piercing, and witty.


    Thanks for hearing me out. =P
    I admired Hitchens for his superhuman eloquence, not his rogueish lifestyle.

    In all seriousness, though, I'm sad about this and I'm not sure how to handle that.
    (9:27:41 pm) <ellie> clefairy evolves into clefable when it gets too crossfaded
    (9:27:48 pm) <ellie> they never told you what exactly was in a "moon" stone
    Holy smokes, I must be so mainstream that I've looped back over to hipster.

    Time to wear my trousers low.
    (That's what's stopping me too. It's like a mad biologist's lab blew up and all his experiments landed in Australia.)

    There are dangerous creatures here too, though.
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