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Recent content by Kris Bambii

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    When do you think Pokemon DP will go widescreen?

    I prefer everything in widescreen actually. It just makes the picture look bigger and there are a lot more details shown. I'm kind of an artistic person, so I pay attention to weird things on screen. xP As for Pokemon, because of what the show is, it seems kinda out of place. Maybe it...
  2. K

    I am now utterly convinced the Aipom and Buizel trade will happen

    Personally, I was a little ticked when Ash didn't catch Buizel. Just looking at it... It just seems like an "Ash" pokemon. It's tough though, 'cause I still want Aipom to be with Ash. But if the trade happens, I'll be happy. ~*Kris*~
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    What are your thoughts on paul

    I just don't like people with his kind of attitude, it's just annoying and ...grrrr. lol Paul realy angers me and he abuses his pokemon and treats people just as wrongly. He is a refreshing character who adds something to the show, but he's still a bad egg in my opinion. ~*Kris*~
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    Awkward Moments

    When I was younger and was self-conscience of what people thought of me, I had moments like that. When people looked at the fanart notebook I used to carry around, people would give me that eye and be all like "YOU like Pokeman?" "Um... Kinda. ^^;" Now, I'm just like, "You got a problem...
  5. K

    Vic Mignogna/Risembool Rangers Club

    This place seems dead. How about we start a discussion or something? I can't think of a topic though. ^^' I heard from a friend that he was going to be in North Carolina for a convention soon. Hopefully the two of us can get around to going this year. I also heard he was heading to Hawaii...
  6. K

    Vic Mignogna/Risembool Rangers Club

    *gasp* No one's joined the Rangers! How can that be?! lol. I'd like to join! I love Vic and Fullmetal Alchemist. For the topic... I like him because he seems like such an awesome person. He's sweet and he loves his fans and has a great sense of humor. And he's Christian, which is a bonus for...
  7. K

    Contest Tie (Contestshipping)

    I never review these things. XP But I'm not a very good reveiw, so I think that's a good thing. But I realy like the fic and it's my favorite Contestshipping fic, period. I haven't been able to find another out there that's quite as great. Just so you know. Can I be on the PM list, please...
  8. K


    I remember her! She was so awesome. They should let her have another episode, I wish they would've done it during Hoenn. ~*Kris*~
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    Do you keep the fact you like Pokemon to yourself?

    I'm very open about it. All my closest friends at school know I like it and sometimes they bring it up just for my sake. Everyone at school knows I love anime anyway and I sometimes bring my fanart folder to school to show off to strangers and they see my Pokemon stuff and are like "Whatever"...
  10. K

    How did YOU become a Pokemon fan?

    Back in 1998 when it first started, EVERYONE at my school loved it and I wanted to get into it like my friends, but I didn't have the channel the anime was on back then, but my friend Logan kept me up to date on things. My first episode was Pokemon Scent-sation and my first game was Gold. I'm...
  11. K

    Japanese or American Anime?

    "American anime" is an oxymoron, and there's no such thing. To me, anime means "Japanese animation", like Pokemon or Fullmetal Alchemist. American cartoons these days are retarded, with the exception of O'Grady(which I doubt you've heard of) and maybe Ed, Edd, & Eddy. In the English...
  12. K


    Here's my opinion of their ages at the begining of Hoenn. Ash: 13 Misty: 15 Brock: 17 Gary: 13 (a little older than Ash though... quite young for a palentologist. XP) Tracey: 16 May:10 Max: 7 Their ages now, just add a year and a half or two. I do think they age somewhat, just not...
  13. K

    Anybody for Contestshipping?

    If May travels to Shinou, what would become of contest-shipping? Do you feel hesitant/confident that their romantic subplot will be restored? If May follows Drew/Harley/Saori to Johto; how would you rate contest-shipping? Do you feel a special is needed to confirm any doubts about the ship...
  14. K

    Anybody for Contestshipping?

    I haven't seen the preview (that site that it's officially on doesn't work for me for some reason) but obviously Drew gets a Butterfree. I'm okay with that. I have a feeling something big shipping-wise will happen, but I always get that feeling before an episode. XP ~*Kris*~
  15. K

    What manga series are you reading as of now?

    Right now the main manga I'm reading are Tsubasa: Resevoir Chronicle, Chobits, and LIFE. ~*Kris*~