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Recent content by Krizor

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    The Battle According to Lenora (674)

    I know Cranidos didn't evolve during the battle, I just made mention of it because it's evolution did play a role in it. And I totally disagree that Gardenia's match was uniteresting since it had build up from the previous battle in the forest and the overall match was a lot more...
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    The Battle According to Lenora (674)

    I beg to differ. The first 2 Gym matches in DP had a lot more going on with them with Paul battling Roark, Roark's Cranidos evolving, and Ash battling Gardenia in the forest before their official match. Not to mention Ash was also a lot more focused on training for his battles than he is now...
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    A Night in the Nacrene City Museum! (673)

    This was yet another sub-par BW episode that I did not enjoy. I'm just glad Oshawott got an appearance, it's the only thing getting me through some of these episodes.
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    Takeshi and Hikari, to appear in episodes specials on 3 february 2011

    I wonder if Paul will get a cameo or even a mention since he was a pretty important character in DP. Maybe they'll give him his own special.
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    Is Mijumaru getting a lot screen time a good thing?

    I don't mind the amount of screentime Oshawott is getting since I like it and it's the only thing providing any sort of comedy since TR has abandoned their old ways.
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    Do you think we'll get Pokemon Musicals?

    They'll probably just get an episode or two, but that's about it. BW is moving too fast for Musicals to be on the same calibur as Contest.
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    Do you ever restart your save file?

    Platinum is my main game for the time being, so I won't restart that one until the third 5th Gen game is released and I can transfer everything over to it. But all my other games I restart whenever I feel like playing through them again.
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    How often do you forget to save?

    Saving is as natural as breathing to me. I never forget to do it.
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    Minccino-Neat & Tidy (672)

    I rather enjoyed this episode, it's definitley one of the better ones that has aired so far. The way Belle caught Chillarmy was great and very different, it may be a contender in future battles. I'm also glad that the writers decided to make her Ash's rival since I never felt like Shooti...
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    BW Team Rocket Discussion

    As much as I would like to see them revert back to their old comedic selves, I don't see it happening. Even after they've completed their mission I still think they'll remain serious. I really wish the writers would change them back, but if not, then I hope they get written out of the show just...
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    Here Comes The Trubbish Squad! (671)

    I didn't really like this episode too much, it was kinda boring. Meguroco showing up wasn't a surprise to me since I speculated that it would be a reoccuring Pokemon, but it blasting off like the Old TR really made me sad that the Old TR is dead.
  12. K

    If Paul made a cameo in BW i beleive he should be the one to beat Shootie first.

    I really don't see the point in a Paul vs Shootie match. There are easier and more convenient ways to reawaken Ash's battling spirit.
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    What was the very 1st Pokemon that you've known?

    The first Pokemon I ever seen was either Blastoise or Pikachu, I can't really remember. Blastoise from the cover of Blue Version or Pikachu from the anime.
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    Which characters will relate better with Ash?

    Iris was only schooling Ash on basic things and her Doryuuza doesn't even listen to her, so she may not have raised it herself. So for right now, there's no real substantial evidence to support the notion that Iris is a more experienced trainer than Ash. So in a sense, she's the most relatable...
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    Which characters will relate better with Ash?

    I don't think Iris is more expereinced then him. I also think she relates to him because he was once a beginning trainer like her and also had a Pokemon that wouldn't listen to him.