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  • None of us actually had a damn clue on how militaries actually operated.
    Looking back at all the RPs we used to do on here, I've realized something...
    *Becomes Petty Officer*
    *Changes 'job' from "janitor" to "Overqualified janitor"*
    "That's better."
    *be doing a phase up PRT*
    *Dude who's always telling me to stop smoking*: "Loiacono, why you running so fast? You can't outrun cancer."
    Me: "Nah, and I can't outrun alcoholism, but I'm still faster than you, *****."
    I've beaten him twice in the 1.5 mile run now.
    That kinda sucks, cause Vegas is pretty much all about bringing a bunch of people into one place for one thing or another every other weekend. Hell I've been in some of those events myself. Anime Vegas, Las Vegas Comic Con, Wizard World, I've been in EVO for the past three years (for the Smash Bros. for Wii U tournaments, of course). Considering the kind of stuff they do here I'd say Vegas is a great place to visit, not so much a great place to live.
    Oh wow, I didn't know you were born in Vegas. I wasn't born here myself, I was born in Hayward, part of the San Francisco Bay Area, but we moved here back in 2001.
    “Uuuummm, you're not allowed to wear undershirts as civies. It’s in the uniform stard-â€
    BINCH! They ain't regulation shirts now!
    Ah. I see. Makes sense. I mostly do that with games nowadays (and in general), playing for story.

    Yeah. That's why I'm confused. I'm not exactly frustrated. Plenty of backers and Mega Man fans are, but me? Meh. I can wait.

    Yeah. Pretty much. The only thing I think I'd play is the dinosaur perspective mode, where you generally try to escape. Plus, I found the music GREAT.
    Yeah. It helped me feel less lonely when I was younger.

    ... *checks rating* I am not surprised I'm not gonna play it for a while. 200 hours? Wow. How much time did you clock on any Pokémon game then? (Because my jaw just fell when I found that I clocked FIVE HUNDRED HOURS in Pokémon Black 2. DID NOT EXPECT THAT)

    Uh... As you've found out, no. But some people ARE complaining it looks bad. I don't get why though. But then again, it's been delayed TWICE. Hopefully it won't get delayed again. So you know, it's pretty much a spiritual successor to Classic Mega Man (the one in Smash 4).

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1896199000/mesozoica There's the kickstarter page. My brother in particular likes it because of the accurate dinosaurs, especially Spinosaurus aegypticas.
    Huh. I wasn't really excited for ORAS and I'm not really impatient on having the next game appear. You already know I prefer PMD over the main. XP Fallout 4? You play Fallout? (No, I haven't, so you know in advance) I'm not really looking forward to anything PC wise... MAYBE Mighty No. 9, if it goes well. Mesozoica, a Kickstarter prehistoric park game, maybe as well because it had an epic theme for Spinosaurus aegypticas.
    Pokken Tournament and SSB4 are the only ones that I really want from the Wii U batch. Other than PSMD, what are some of the others you wanna get? For 3DS or PC?
    Heh, yeah. I saw the footage of the Invitation Tournament from the Pokémon Worlds Championship 2015 in Boston. It was awesome watching Charizard. I'm very tempted on saving up for a Wii U, but I think I'll bidw my time and have PSMD be priority. I'm more certain I won't regret it than getting a Wii U for ONE game. XP
    Heh, you too? I have a good feeling about this one though. I'm curious on how Mega Evolution will be implemented. That reminds me... Now I'm kind of wishing I had a Wii U so I can play Pokken Tournament when it's out next year.
    Not much. Just excited for November for issue #55 of the Mega Man comic and Super Mystery Dungeon and I've been playing Mega Man games along with reading the Archie Sonic and MM comics...
    Okay, so, someone tried to hack my account earlier. If y'all start getting wierd messages (and I mean, one's wierder than I usually send), it's probably not me.
    Can't really say this was fun to begin with, but yeah, pretty much. Still have to write and present what we did.
    It's a teams class. Groups of students are put into teams to help an actual client with some innovative project they need help with. My group is working with the staff of the innovation degree to get a mobile display to be used for any event they get invited to. Finished that part pretty much; just need to get the report finished.
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