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  • Wasn't expecting to be missing some features, but I can work with it. Just, let me know about that beforehand. Not fun realizing that after the fact.

    Fail me. Forgot my own description there.

    So, I guess we're to getting ourselves slaughtered by Bru's next attack? It's probably in our better interest to evac the town than it is to try and fight what's coming. I doubt either of our characters are that naive to not expect a follow up attack.
    Thank you very much. It's nice to hear that.

    Well, it's a start if you do want to write. I never had the chance to "start out" as it were, with an RP or a journal, I just kinda jumped into it. So, don't let the thoughts go if you have a story you want to tell.

    And, don't worry, it's perfectly fine. It does take a little while to get used to. And, I'm glad you now have access to a computer once again.
    Glad to hear! Bru did mention that you enjoyed it, so I'm happy to see that it is indeed so. And, to be honest, that number was a rough estimate. I simply plan on completing a few chapters that might not add up to that total. But, it will be beyond 50,000 words, I know it.

    And, while I do plan a few all-nighters, I'll be working as much as I can all the time on it.

    So, the question I ask everyone on my friends list at some point. Do you write?

    (Also, click the button labeled "View Conversation" in the top right corner of one of my VM's).
    Excellent, I look forward to reading it. Though, unless you've been working on other material, I calculate your down about 9,000 words for your 100,000 words for the month if your divide it equally among 30 days. I imagine you have some all-nighters planned?

    Quite the lofty goal, I commend that. (Ha, got it)
    Glad to hear! And, it's going alright so far. I've gotten over 11,000 words so far of Chapter 16 of Overthrown.

    Heh, not quite. XD The code here is a bit strange, that's true. It's [ s ] [ / s ] without the spaces, if you wish to strike something out.
    Thanks, I'm doing fine. How's NaNoWriMo going?

    [-]It's a privage (maybe it'll slash this out?)[/-]
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