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  • Nothing much with me. My last summer class ends this Wednesday, and I'm starting to stress over what we have to deliver as a group. This final paper is taking longer than we anticipated to write.
    well you could always use adblocker :/ I'm sure serebii doesn't mind. THen you'd nevver know how snazzy they are and get intimidated by the ad's.
    Watch out, guys, the ads on here are getting snazzy. Now they got TWO shades of green!
    But is it useful? I honestly can't tell if you are sarcastic here or not, but if not, glad you think it's valuable info.
    Serebii, we get it. You're sorry for being down a few months ago. It's okay. Please telling us you're sorry.
    I see. Well, I do certainly hope that things turn around for you for getting funds. That stinks about your fail-safes failing, but they're temporary failures. Something will succeed eventually.

    Well, I wasn't accepted outright.. But, they didn't turn me down entirely. There is a way I can do their Engineering program at a nearby smaller college and then transfer to my preferred college after three semesters.
    Good to hear. And I'm sorry to hear about your financial troubles, Krok... May seem cliche to say, but it will get better. I'm sure of it.

    It's going alright. Find out if my top university accepted me or not today.
    Huh... Cool sign. XD Couldn't see it on my phone. Photobucket doesn't load on there. ... And we haven't talked much, that is true. How are you doing, Krok?
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