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  • Heh, nice song. See, I knew there were more good Interpol songs out there. Music video is flipping weird, but then again, most are.
    And I just.... don't know how to react to that gif. What in the world. It's strangely fitting, but at the same time, I am slightly creeped out.
    Ah I have seen this before. That Lopunny... how dare she kick down that Sableye! Even if it is a Mega Sableye disgrace.
    Sure hope it was because of D7D and not the elephant part xD

    which is exactly why we love it! xD
    Yeah, fast hard hitting weather usually lasts about a day, and can be dealt with in the same amount of time. So I can go home now.
    Hey Krok, sorry it didn't work out with our RP and RPG Maker last year, and that the rest of the shitty year didn't work out for you. Here's hoping this year will be better for both us. Cheers man!
    ah, I had a fairly simple one, just getting candy, socks, sweater and some steam cards. Played some family games like D&D clue, 10,000 and canasta. Fairly boring actually.

    Sorry for the late reply man, I was just, not really on serebii at all yesterday.
    Heh. Yeah. XD

    Me: What's with the smile? *asks somewhat nervously*

    Valarie: Yeah. Except the ice tea recipes. He gives good recipes on steak and goat though.
    What? The fact of an actual family name?

    Valarie: Vlad's my personal assistant. He's real destructive, and add in me, we're the best wreckin' crew there is. He says he just looks like a hammer 'cause he was cursed.
    Yeah, you got a point. But funnily there's such a family name as Winsten. XD Mhh-hmm.

    Huh. Totally different, that's for sure. Unlike Val. XP

    Valarie: Weapons? Who said Vlad is a weapon?

    Me: *whispers* In case you don't remember, she's nuts.
    Ah yes, Winsten. I remember him. More distinctly the part in his SU that said his name is not a typo. And then that you actually had him die, if I remember correctly. Oh? Changes? What might those changes be?

    Heh, you just like firearms. XD Me, I like melee weapons. I have an utter fascination with them. A little bit with guns, but I still like melee weapons.

    Valarie: That, and Vladimir. He's real helpful in squishin' heads. *she says as she holds a large hammer*

    Although looking at that picture, I'm not surprised anymore that your co-worker thought that. Still, it's completely different. But is that Snicob, both kinds, and Alex on you? So that's how she'd look like.

    Valarie: Hey! It's a Krookodile!

    Me: It's not you, Val.

    Valarie: Uh--I knew that!
    I'm fine. By the ways, I saw that you said that one of your co-workers(?) thought your Krookodile tattoo was a storm trooper (I'm assuming the Star Wars one).

    Two thoughts: One, I can't believe you got a tatto. Two, how in the world does it look like a storn trooper? XD
    Hey Krok, merry christmas. Haven't spoken with you much, and kinda feels bad, considering how much time we spent together in the past there. Anything exciting for you happen?
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