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  • Hey Krug! I couldn't wait for Kyira so I went ahead and made the image. You didn't say what color his hair was so I just made it brown. Also, Flint's afro is the closest I can come for his hair without spending too long so...
    Anyways, you shoud probably post in Maddened, its looking empty and I need you to pick up where I left off...
    Alright then. 8D
    I will be making all 9 sing-ups myself, and whoever wants a part will have to 'audition' by giving a sample playing as the character. Spy, Sniper, and Pyro have special things that make them have to be cast in advance (Me, HotShot, and The Black Glove). Is there anyone you will want to be? They will use their official personalities as much as I can in the sign-ups.
    Do you know you're still in Country of Origin? It's been a long time since you posted. Do you want to continue or to quit?
    Did you check the forums (Discussions) I have a small vote that I need input on...come to think of it, it's either posted in the Sign-Ups, or in the RPG itself...

    Just try em all nd see where it is, also, I think I posted a new Notice on the Discussions too, but this message was just a bulletin to let you know what goin on with the RPG....which is really goin SOOO SLOWWW!!! lol
    alright so at least i know that YOUR still gonna be here...ummm...i guess i need to come up wit some way to keep everyone amused once the xperiments get underway...*sigh*...guess I'll come up with sumthin l8tr...
    Hi! Are you going to post in Shadows soon? greywolf sent Roderick into the Forest, and I sent a Torterra after the Cipher group.
    Who needs a real gun when you have:

    it has a firm grip, good weight, and perfect sensitivity!

    where be my next section of Alternate Ending, mah boi? Supposed to look over the whole first chapter wasn't I?
    I think I'm going to post the first chapter of First Aide today.
    Think it's ready?
    I had Ysa and HotShot look over it (bless them), and I found as many typos and grammer errors as I could.
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