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  • What powers does he have?
    The ability to have a mechanical arm? |3
    THe psychic abilities get adressed in the next chapter, as well as the capabilites of the arm (the Psychicness is only strong enough to move the arm, since the main core of the Starmie is no longer exsistant):

    "Sooo... can I lift a truck over my head or somthing?"

    "Possibly, but you would also make your spine crumple... so good luck with that"
    Yeah, he's pretty freaked out.
    But he's even more worried of technically being half Starmie at the moment|3
    Thanks! Look forward to the sign-up...*sigh* and as for the Final Fanatsy one, your not the only one who doesn't seem to like it all that much...meh, oh well! Can't change EVERYONE'S mind right?
    Dude, are you still in the RP? If so, plz post. :\ It's been me and Vball for like two pages.
    Hey! I know you don't know me, but I'm handing out random invites to my new RPG's! I'm sorta seeking new blood, so if you have the time, please try and sign-up for some that I made!
    Oh no... not too many commas |3
    But I went back and added a Raziel part... it is pure genius if I say so myself ... }83
    Hyfax was great, but the brute was a burte who was from the Halo universe, and still WASN'T a freaking Spartan. But it owuld have been cooler if he was a Grunt... no... not cooler... AWESOME!

    "I stored the poison in my body so I could shoot it out my eyes later"
    *dramatic closeup*
    "Like a Toad."
    He's a brotha of the soul.. why not? 8D

    Mr.B was you favorite? I didn't expect that. Why would that be? |3
    And black isn't a racist term, it's simply a color (Monkey-man on the other hand... well, that would be WAAAY bad). But I always wanted to have a black character who wasn't the stereo-typical 'Gangsta' that I hate so much. And I didn't notice the Men in Black feel until now... wow, he is one ain't he (even when refering to Will Smith in the post, I couldn't put that together |3). And Bruce Almighty did have a big effect on that Sign-up. I still think that God must look like Morgan Freeman 50% of the time now |3

    And I do love Contribanditos. I had to think of a name quick, and I was reading Dr.McNinja so... the Raptor Banditos were changed a bit.

    And how is your fic going? The Video Games in the real world thing?
    Well, I did like your Brute.... but that Z-gon of yours (nickname I have just given him... now that I have said it, it must be cannon!) is pretty kick-****... So yeah, they are the best.
    Now what about Raziel? *prepared for dissapointment*
    No one knows how he speaks yet, don't be assumn' playa. |3

    No, not really... although it would be fun!
    Hey, you remembered Lemon Jelly Shots!
    How long was it? 8D
    People do have a thing for making long sign-ups on that RPG... it was hard for me, seeing as I used the freaking angel of MYSTERIES as the basis (How can I explain somthing that is unknown? Really?), I didn't make mine as long as usual.
    Now you people are making me look bad |3

    Well, at least you did well.
    I'm going to go inspect you Sign-up and make fun of it as much as possible now! }83Kthnxbai!
    I hope the RPG goes well too. It has plotty goodness that I was very disappointed to lose when I dropped it the first time.

    I'd review your sign-up, but I've got to go make supper now... later!
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