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  • Hey, Krug.
    Do you know anyone else who might want to join the RP? I have been looking around, but everyone I know are already in too many.
    Well, I don't take points of for grammer. It is a common property of human error, and is expected. I know that most people are distressed by a post when the grammer is wrong, mostly because I mess up quite alot (mostly because my shift key sticks). So when I read a sign up, I ussually ignore grammer errors, because they were honest mistakes.

    If you write like this on the other hand:

    I iz 0n tha b0rdz fo Seribi n0ww.

    I wouldn't go near it.
    "and, and, this is CAPTIAN MANLY!"
    Guess who that was. I will kick myself if you don't get it.

    I mainly came to post and tell you I answered in better detail to your question on my RPG sign-up thread.
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