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  • I would kick Zabi from the moderators if I were you I dont care if he sees this he framed me and i recorded it on my profile. He was probably being sarcasatic but there was no way I would even call someone a retarted *** you have to understand
    I am fed up I demand that I know who I insulted on the SHU forums and why I do not mean to anger you but this has gone too far and I need to know.
    Ok I think I have broken the rules on SHU and got banned is it temporary? I remember asking about the chatbox and im almost positive it was in the wrong place most likely causing the ban and then also I posted on the weekend shiny hunters forum and I guess it was probably considered spam so if you personally issued my ban or know why it was given to me could you just tell me why so I know because last time I logged in it said you are banned from this forum and It was a little heart sinking.
    I got live shiny Kyogre now! 7,048 SRs. My luck is back (kind of) that's still a lot of SRs. Check out my youtube channel. Good luck on joltik
    I am still in school x(

    But I decided to try my luck once again for quad hunting snivy, I have 11,116 SR now and am kind of sick of it. Also have 5,600 SR for Kyogre, but I will only do ~200 a day now because I'll be super focused on getting Snivy to shine before school final exams.

    I really hope at this point that Joltik shines. It would be a shame if something else did!
    Thanks! Although it wasn't an early shiny, I just had to restart counting because I don't have my usual tally book with me. I think the proper count is around 1700 eggs. I don't tend to have much early luck with the MM!
    Thanks :) He's very cool and I can't wait to be able to use him....I pretty much have no in-game money left to buy vitamins so I can't EV train him yet.
    ugh that sucks. Is it like that on FR/LG too? Because my Sapphire is broken but I think my LG still works.
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