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Jul 15, 2011
Apr 3, 2011
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Human science Student

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<-Why u no shine ;A;, from YOUR CLOSET O3O

K'sa was last seen:
Jul 15, 2011
    1. ShinyDoug
      Thanks! She's a great shiny.
    2. crap4263661
      Thanks and also good luck with your johto starters, I was lucky enough to get all three of them under 4k srs each. I know it will shine for you soon :D
    3. LegitBreeder
      I know the feeling :) I can't box on 4th gen haha :) 3 games virtually full of EV'd pokes, shiny pokes, event pokes etc :) tis the life...
      To be honest though for a while I was put off posting in shiny club because of the rules... I got a strike ages ago and I hope it goes soon ^-^
      I've surprisingly had a lot of luck lately too which sucks because I hate strikes ^.^; I only have one but you know...
      I RE'd shiny hound in swarm (B), SR'd for shiny mewtwo (SS), RE shiny Ponyta (P) etc
    4. Pikawho?
      That's cool. I completely understand the pride of having a shiny with your own ID (that's the only reason why I'm compelled to continue SR-ing for Latias). It wasn't listed as a "hunt" in your sig so I figured that it was worth asking.

      Good luck with your hunts!
    5. LegitBreeder
      :D Thanks :D The congrats make me feel better, it felt like forever and took 2 weeks, I was so happy I was slightly angry that if I wouldve hatched them all in my party if I'd have have just done party hatches but then I'd only have 1 :D Happy does not describe it :D
    6. Ivyon
      Trust me, if they're shiny they will show shiny. I have a Croconaw I SRed myself and even randomly got a shiny chikorita trying for a female cyndaquil.

      Would you like to chat on MSN sometime?
    7. Pikawho?
      Love your avatar. Masquerain is one of the coolest pokemon, imo.

      I chained a ton of shiny Surskit (that no one wants, apparently...) so if you want one (for free) lemme know.
    8. Ivyon
      Thanks. :3 I did manage to hatch a timid syncher though. But I AM tempted to just keep going till one shines.
      And, timid raises speed, lowers attack. It's great for special attacking pokemon.
    9. LoneStarAkira
      Gentle nature is +Sp.Def and - Def so it doesn't affect its Attack, which is good. I'd consider it a moderately average nature. ;u;

      omgVolbeat is such a sexy shiny. I hope you get one soon!
    10. K'sa
      Thank you >3<!!! Yes, I want to have one shiny ;v; and maybe the Drifblim but I'm hesitating for various reasons xD

      Pffff if you did I woul dbe like, the happiest person ever OTL ( but you should craw more and post them so that I could stalk and all that)
      and thank you again >3<
      Annnd probably not, I want to try and maybe get another one, since I'm hunting Audino on route three as well as a swarm ( Volbeat) and hatching eggs~ I can only use one DS but I can multitask in one game 8'D //shot
      Plus I'm not a EV trainer or much trainer at all, I like collectionning O3O (which is one of the many reasons I started shiny hunting xD )
      Do you know if gentle is a good nature for a blitzke? I don't know anything about that even if I tried reading about it.
      Hope you get dratini andor magikarp soon too btw! ;v;
    11. LoneStarAkira
      EHEEE WOW. That's so freaking epic! So many Wingulls. I hope one of them will be shiny. ;u;

      That's epic. Man, I'm in the hugest drawing mood right now (I'm tempted to draw your new Blitzle, actually. LOL). Congrats on that, by the way! You gonna evolve it?
    12. LoneStarAkira
      Awww, thanks. ;u; I can't wait to colour it!

      DO IT. I want to see more of your stuff!
    13. suicune lover
      suicune lover
      ffffs im envious of your shiny drifloon :o; Cute little balloon is cute xD

      Thanks! I'm keeping her as a Vibrava, because I have a fetish for middle-evos. Idk. Shes too irresistible.

      How are you? ^^
    14. Ivyon
      Thanks~ I got another batch of 150. I REALLY hope the darn timid synch's in thar. ..And a shiny. I hope for a shiny too.
    15. StreetzFC
      thanks=) good luck for when you go for it! i could never sr for one, i just dont have the patience for that.
    16. Ivyon
      That drifloon picture is just...duuuuuuude. Somuchepic.
    17. suicune lover
      suicune lover
      Thanks for the congrats on Trapinch ^^ I must say, your art is simply amazing, and it's really nice that you drew it for a friend to encourage them too, that's really sweet x3

      Congrats on your Drifloon too! (Although it is a bit late ^^;;)
    18. Pucca_ness
      I went and checked and the whole site is doing an update apart from the homepage. Maybe it's for my region or something :s No idea how photoshop manages their updates and such. Either way I can't get to my account. I'll wait a few days then get a different uploader if nothing has changed.
    19. Ivyon
      If you want to put out the effort and do a comic....by all means go for it~! In fact, it'd be awesome!
    20. LoneStarAkira
      Muahahaha. xDD

      I just know the mind of an artist who likes to shiny hunt. Can't wait to see 'em!
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    Home Page:
    Human science Student
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    Pokemon, Drawings


    Latest Shiny
    April 23th, 2011
    Treecko: 1225 SR in Saphirre
    Joltik: 15706 SR in Black
    Zorua: 123 MM in Black
    Snivy: 287 SR in White
    The Shining Fossil: Black - Anorith
    The Hard-Hitting Tree: SoulSilver - Taillow/Aipom
    The Shaking Patch: Black - Audino
    The Shiny Duo: SoulSilver- Ho-oh and Lugia
    The Swarm of Shinies: SoulSilver - Swablu
    My pokemon Webcomic: http://thelegacy.smackjeeves.com/