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Last Activity:
Apr 17, 2011
Oct 19, 2009
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Multi-Type Trainer, from Kansas

Ksi was last seen:
Apr 17, 2011
    1. JTrainer
      My DS' Wi-fi isn't working.
    2. arceus7
      ur welcome ellie just gave me an infraction
    3. Black Diaruga
      Black Diaruga
      Well, I would agree with all of them, except maybe with Registeel representing the cities, since those Pokémon were created long before modern civilizations.

      However, as an interpretation of their meaning, I find it quite reasonable, with each Regi representing different parts of the continents, and their leader, Regigigas, being the one who crafted the continental landmass into what it is today using those 3 elements.
    4. arceus7
      what a nice post
    5. Lorde
      You only answered one of my questions.
      I only answered one question because I only knew how to answer one question. Not because I didn't want to or anything.
    6. Pearl Parukia
      Pearl Parukia
      Yeah, you're on my Pal Pad. Let me check again.
    7. Pearl Parukia
      Pearl Parukia
      btw, my Plat FC is in my sig
    8. Pearl Parukia
    9. Sc1z0r
      Oh sorry, I waited a long time for you but you didn't respond.
    10. Ksi
      Then after our Random Battle, lets do an IV Check.
    11. RifleAvenger
      I've got a pretty random bunch too, and yeah, I got some stuff I could get IV checks on.
    12. Ksi
      Sure. I'll grab a random collection of Pokemon from my PC after the trade, then lets do an IV check battle if you have any Pokemon that need it.

      Believe it or not, I plan on maybe using Illumise competitively. I have a moveset for it that can help it handle all but one of it's weaknesses.
    13. RifleAvenger
      let me get my DS. As to the GTS pokemon, bring the issue up on the "Is my pokemon hacked?" thread under the 4th gen section, I don't know, they may be able to help you.

      And hey, want to have a battle with, like, pokemon you normally don't use? I know you don't go by tiers, but what I'm suggesting is like a NU match.
    14. RifleAvenger
      Sorry, I tried to send you a PM awhile ago, but it never sent I guess. I have quite a few I need, you just need to pick from these: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, EarthQuake, Gyro Ball, Calm Mind, Toxic, Stone Edge, Explosion, or U-Turn. Not the eaisest to get, I know, but they're what I need. since it's just a weedle, you can choose one of the above and send it on a Magikarp, if you have one.
    15. Lucos
      Sure, I can battle you. But not now though, I'm kinda busy with other stuff. I'll PM you once I've time for a quick battle, okay?
    16. Ksi
      Alright then. Till next Shellder(s).
    17. RifleAvenger
      Maybe not soon, but I'd be happy to do an IV battle with you once I breed a few babies of my own to check
    18. Ksi
      Mind if I cal you up again soon to quickly get a Baby Pokemon's IVs?
    19. RifleAvenger
      Good Game Ksi, Like I said, I wasn't aware you would use an in-game team, so if you'd like to fight a not so competitive team of mine, just say so. Also, hope your shelder had good IV's.

      Good luck on your journey with Pokemon

      Well Cloud nine comes in handy, I'm building a UU Sandstorm team, and Cloud Nine lets Golduck fill a badly needed position on the team to sponge water attacks. Its a matter of what you need most.

      And yeah, higher than Rachi, since I didn't get a choice of natures on it, it can't outspeed the stuff its supposed to, like Infernape, but hey, that's life.
    20. Ksi
      Yup, Cloud Nine < Damp I think. That way nobody can use Explosion or Self-Destruct for that Emergency Kill Switch tactic.

      EDIT: BTW, my Infernape's speed rating is 250 at Lv.100.
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    I am a brunette, that is all you're getting except that I am a gamer.

    Games, Drawing, Reading, Mega Man, Pokemon, Sonic, Mario


    PBR Code:1634 4340 1580 Platinum FC: 3309 4310 0833
    So I think differently...Who cares?
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