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  • I've been doing pretty good with school and life in general I suppose. Your fine I hope things have straightened out for you. It has been a long time though. They even retooled the whole forums!
    No worries! I havent been on this in ages D: how have you been? And no i don't watch dr who D:
    Hihi!!! I rarely use this :3 But I'm back on it now! Sorry for ignoring your last message D: How have you been?!
    Thats why I've only dated once. Most teen boys are Shag and Shove off, which Is why I'm not gonna date for a few more years.

    Not saying all are, but thats my choice. But, from what I've seen, you are a sweet, caring girl, and you will find Mr.Perfect one day.

    Priceless is a smeghead anyway.
    Hey Kster

    Sorry for the random Vm, but don't worry about what Priceless is like, He isn't worth you getting upset about. Some guys are dicks, believe me, I know.

    Hope you find the right guy =)

    -Sam/Samuel/Sammy/Whichever of the 3 you want to call me.
    yeah, no problem dear.

    well, honestly... one of the main reasons i didn't date through high school is because many of the guys just want sex and are very immature about it. clearly your ex was very immature and easily influenced by his mates. that's someone you don't need. good luck with your future relationships, find a good, smart lad. x
    yeah, he definitely wasn't worth it if he was so quick to dump you for someone else. been in the same boat myself, so i know how much it can suck. just keep calm and smile on, and before you know it you'll be laughing at him for being a total idiot. :)
    i know you don't know me or anything, but i think it's terrible you got dumped for someone else. no girl deserves that. you can do way better. :)
    hmmm whats on my mind? You quite possibly opened up a can of worms on yourself XD
    I already told you about my almost revisiting that last gf. Glad I didn't but I mish I would have made that conclusion sooner. I have had a pretty meh semester here at my college. I will have to retake my anatomy course but oh well everyone does he is tough. I procrastinated on some papers and I'm currently doing them all now! XD

    Also I made a google+ and I am wondering if ANYBODY uses it and would be interested in adding me I'm supercool *pats myself on back*
    you have me on the verge of "just allergies"... lol
    I know I know.. your welcome no need to be sorry I've been there too Kster. I know it sounds ridiculous but it really does help voicing whats going on. Helped me think things out as well as just blow off steam. So if you ever need to just say something shoot me a PM or VM or whatever
    Awww your fine don't sweat it everybody needs to be able to talk about things to somebody. Chances are if your real friends who care about you are unanimously pointing bad things out to you then it could be true 0_o

    I've been through similar things. I was wrapped up in trying to make the relationship work when I discovered to my dismay that I was doing all the work and willing something into existence that wasnt there. It's not your fault simply somebody else's shortcoming. Focus on the good things you have Kster and find joy residing within them :)
    Oh... well hey I seen my ex again and we hung out but I was honest and mature with her and told her that she hurt and betrayed me and that our perspectives were not the same. As such I'm sure she hates my guts and we parted ways yet again so kinda know how your feeling
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