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  • Hi there Kster, thanks I'm flattered.

    That's cool feel free to seen me a PM anytime, also I'm throwing a MSN all night AAML party for when Misty returns. All pokeshippers are invited.
    I don't have an account on Bulbagarden but I probably will soon but setting up an Serebii account was enough for me today! (wipes forhead with cloth!) I'm totally obsessed with Pokeshipping, I even printed off a pic of Ash and Misty and coloured it in and drew little love hearts around it and stuck it on my door. Yesh, AAML is my whole world! <333
    totally,..I read everything about Pokeshipping,I hope Pokeshipping will last,I was hoping to find more supporter as well,..do you have an account on Bulbagarden??..
    I love where this conversation is going xD Have you read any good AAML fanfics recently? I read this really good one called, "The Phatom" I love the story so much, I usually read it once or twice a year it's so good! But sadly it hasn't been updated.....it makes meh sad....
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