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Last Activity:
Oct 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012
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Water Specialist

Ktulu193 was last seen:
Oct 7, 2012
    1. sizida
      haha whew.

      no problem.

      glad to do this service~
    2. sizida

      i keep on and off my wifi box just to get this connection.

      hope it goes well.
    3. sizida
      lol people do complain nintendo wifi sucks.

      i say that all the time too.
    4. sizida
      even though i can chat to you but nintendo wifi uses a different connection i guess.

      yeah i am trying to get in the room!
    5. sizida

      i need to off some appliances. internet is bad here.
    6. sizida
      ok meet you in the room now.
    7. sizida
      anyway to tell whether i am online, see the green dot besides my name.
    8. sizida
      since i am 7 hours after you...

      well i drop by at 7pm to 11pm my clock. and of course i have dinner at 8pm to 9pm there.
    9. ZiR
      Oh no! Thank you for these Pokemons, I was looking for them in a while. =D
      The TMs I offered you, I usually not use them and I will keep holding, if you have anything interesting let me know. =D
    10. sizida
      currently hatching shiny for you~ i had done about 659 plus. still ongoing. i will pm you when i am done.

      well it is gonna take a long time.
    11. Forbidden Snowflake
      Forbidden Snowflake
      Hello sir, how are you? I can trade you an Ice Beam's TM, but I need you to guarantee that the Gastly's FULLY LEGIT AND UNCLONED [I'm sorry for being that suspicious, but I'm in a lack of TMs so I'd like to know in advance if it worth for me to sell it]. Can you give me some more details about it [UT/OR NOT, Under whose ID it's written, Pokeball it had been captured/had hatched with, nature, level] ?
    12. sizida
      friend request accepted~
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    I'm currently building teams for 4th gen gym-like battles, my first team, a water team, is now finished.