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  • Hey, the second round of the ghost type lovers tournament has started. Your opponent is going to contact you soon.
    Well im going to put you on the winners list because the maths would go wrong otherwise. Anyways im going to give you a new opponent for the second round, you will recive a PM from me today.
    Well i have somone with a not responding opponent, maybe he is in a good time zone for you. And if it doesnt work out with that opponent, than im going to put you both on the winners list beause my math calculations for the prizes would go wrong. And if you want to challenge the E4, you have to post a challenge with the 6 pokemons you are going to use on the event thread and contact the first E4 member after that.
    Hey Ku-Ri-Boh!, im searching for a new 4th member for our Elite4 and i was wondering if you have a decent team ready to do battles on wifi.
    Well the sleep clause isnt on because it can be somones stategy to win a battle and sleeping moves wont be such a big annoying problem as evasion raising moves and OKHO moves since the effect wears off after a few turns. And the members are seperated in two groups (A and B) i send the members of group A a PM with their opponent and they have to find a good time to battle because i cannot tell how busy they are (school, work, etc.). Of course i look when members are online so i try to make the time differnce as little as possible.
    Just informing you that the Ghost Lovers Group is now holding its first tournament.
    First prize is a shiny Darkrai, Second is Shiny Sableye and Third is shiny Shuppet.
    Only 20 are being accepted, so post your FC in the tournament thread if you want to reserve a spot.
    I joined this forum during my summer vacation because i was bored. And there are always rude people, on every forum (even here) but just dont pay attention to them and concentrate on nice people. They are important
    oh youre welcome. Its always nice to make some new friends ^_^ it can be pretty boring without them lol
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