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Apr 1, 2018
Oct 24, 2012
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Kukansis was last seen:
Apr 1, 2018
    1. ChaosCaptain
    2. PaintingEevee
    3. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      Merry Christmas!
    4. Azurus
      So, leave it on while playing ff14 is the best bet.
    5. Azurus
      Yeah, I can understand that, shoulda said "I'm hungry" instead xD
      Ooooooooohhhhhhh, yeah, uh, gonna say, been smacked in the face by big scary mobs at level 92 for 22000 damage so I'm assuming since I'm doing like 33000 under ideal circumstances, I'm doing quite abit.
      As for using melee while you're a gun user, sometimes it's just fun that way.
      And for expectations, if you don't die in 4 hits, and your normal enemy dies in a timely matter, I wouldn't worry about your damage, just know it's easy to increase.
      As for my min maxing, that's mainly me spending all my battle points in passive skills and using melee soul voices and melee arts to make my melee stronger, as my gun is absolute garbage. 13 hits of 16 damage on auto attack or 550 on melee auto? Really no contest, so I just improved what I had.
    6. Azurus
      Oh, looking it up, there are 3 nodes that give it, you have to make sure the node says it will give the item, (I think there are multiple tabs for information when you click a probe spot, so that's how you know, I guess)
    7. Azurus
      Yes, it is, to both.

      Ah... I don't think I have any of that yet, and I have... what... 16 mining nodes? That rate must be abysmally low.

      And I shan't talk about spoilers, mostly because I'm too distracted with exploring and seeing what I can get away with for aggroing and coming out intact. (Had some close calls with some level 81-92 tyrants)

      Well, damage scaling tells you straight on the skill or soul voice. Hit scaling means weapon damage x (xxx%) and hits is how many times it does that. And damage is multiplicative, so a skill that does 100 damage but has multipliers of 400% from behind and 80% more to aggroed enemies means you're doing 900 damage instead of 580.

      I will say though, that the damage I'm dealing is making same level tyrants go down in about 45 seconds.

      Oh, pro tip, for the love of everything, look up if you're in caves, it will save you a lot of headache.
    8. Azurus
      ever had to do 40 loads of laundry, not get it all done, sleep over at work, work that next morning and still have to do what you never finished? Well, that's what's going on, now that I can focus again, I can actually explain it.

      On a side note, how far are you in Xenoblade X? I started chapter 6 myself and affinity missions aren't bad at all, I can fast travel to all destinations I've needed to be at so far. Level 22 and can do 11,000 x3 damage hits if everything is perfect, probably more now that I do 80% more dmg to taunted mobs.
      Got all that progress yesterday, incase you were wondering.
    9. Azurus
      So, everything is stupid recently, so you won't see me until wednesday evening. Too complicated to explain, but yeah, stupid things.

      Cya man.
    10. Shadow Lucario 50
    11. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      Hope you're able to sustain each other when you do move out. :D
      Also, we don't have to say we're insane. We both know it. It's just a natural fact.
    12. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      :< What are you doing?
      Truer words have been spoken, and it's nice to hear them over again.
    13. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      Yep, finally in college... Even though it's just one course and two institute classes... `:3 It's something, right?
      Yeah, I don't really understand why some people are so afraid to play piano. :< Then again, maybe I'm just more passionate about it.
      Glad to be speaking again as well, Ku! :D
    14. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      Things are getting better. My Dad will be working within two weeks, so that will be great.
      And of course! I'll be happy to look through your newest chapter, Ku!

      Eh, nothing really much. Music Theory has been going well, I'm the pianist for my Institute Choir, and I've been enjoying Institute as a whole. I guess that's better than before though, huh?
      If I not busy with babysitting for Friday, I would be doing homework instead, so I haven't been able to get on much to say hi on the hangouts, so it's nice to be able to talk with ya again!
    15. Agent Tectonic
      Agent Tectonic
      Do you still want me to write up a mission briefing for AHD for you?
    16. Shadow Lucario 50
      Shadow Lucario 50
      I'm going to be a bit busy with stuff in the next few days, but I'll see when I can get on to edit.

      Well, besides my dad being out of a job for a while, I've not been doing much. I've been pretty much slacking off playing PMU, editing the PMU Wiki, and I've sorta been getting out of my sleeping schedule. So yeah, I'm starting to get a bit out of sorts, but I'm trying to get back on track. :< So yeah, I've been doing a little less than okay, but still very grateful to have food in the house!
    17. Azurus
      Hey, Ku. Can you tell saigans chat that I will be late to help with stuff? I have to do a weeks worth of dishes and take a nap for an hour or so.
      3 hours is not enough sleep.
    18. Krok
      I FIGURED IT OUT!!!!
      It's when you like something that you don't want to like. Like, you know you shouldn't like it, but do, and all you think is, "Oh, god, how far have I fallen..."
    19. Krok
      A recent tumblr contribution. It's odd... But it fits so much. His smile says "yes", but his eyes say "help". I love it.
    20. Krok
      *goes to look up more Interpol songs, clicks on Evil's music video*
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